Friday, December 3, 2010

Jesse McReynolds visits Music City Roots

Every Wednesday night Music City Roots broadcasts their live radio show from the Barn at the Loveless Café in Nashville. On December 1 they reached out to heroes of Bluegrass past and came up with Jesse McReynolds and JD Crowe to fill out their lineup. Rounding out the show was Donna Ulisee and Folk Soul Revival. Of special note Jesse and host Jim Lauderdale had both spent time with Robert Hunter, the lyric master of the Grateful Dead composing songs. Jesse has just recorded a new CD, a tribute to the songs of the Grateful Dead and showed the crowd just how good he did on it to tremendous applause.

J D Crowe
Jesse McReynolds
Donna Ulisee
Folk Soul Revival
Jim Lauderdale - Host

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