Friday, April 5, 2019

Bob Weir and Wolf Bros Tropical Tuesday Tour in Miami Beach

They say hard work pays off.  Bob Weir is embracing this motto on several fronts.  Particularity, with his tackling tour schedule with 19 shows performed in March, and 21 total in his band's spring tour which ran from February 28 to March 30, not counting the May 3rd date at BeachLife Festival.  On another front, Mr. Weir, at 72, has been posting some impressive exercise videos to his artist Facebook page, showing him and Wolf Bros drummer Jay Lane making steady use of gyms along the tour.
Bob Weir and Wolf Bros at The Fillmore Miami Beach

Miami Beach was vibrant and hospitable, with impressive architecture and art at each turn.  Prominent integrations of culture took forms in murals, sculptures, facades, and landscaping. 

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Keep Smilin Promotions Presents Mojo Green At The Oddfellows Hall, Auburn, California

Concert goers in the heart of California's Gold Country region were treated to a rockin' night of funk and soul when Keep Smilin' Promotions presented Reno's own Mojo Green to a packed house at the Oddfellows Hall last Saturday night.

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