Saturday, March 14, 2009

Discount on Asheville Wedding Photography Packages

Please mention this Asheville wedding blog when booking your wedding photography and you will receive 10% off any of our packages and a Performance Impressions Photography coupon for an additional ten 8"x10" professional photographic prints with your package (offer expires June 1, 2009).

All of our prints are photographic "exposures" developed on light sensitive Kodak Professional papers.

Performance Impressions Photography is the official photography provider for Asheville Events Staffing and Asheville's David's Bridal.

Asheville event and wedding photography specialists: Performance Impressions Photography

North American Black Bear - Ursus americanus

The North American Black Bear - Ursus americanus - is well established in Western North Carolina including the city limits of Asheville.  Bears run though our yard often. The City of Asheville was kind enough to exchange my trash can for one with a bear-proof metal bars to secure the lid. This bear came through about 10 days ago around 1pm. We live within the city limits of Asheville.

Update:  The bear proof trash can not only keeps me from having to clean up trash all over the yard after being ransacked by scavenging bears, it makes the neighborhood safer because the bears learn that these green food storage bins are not a free lunch and that they are better off foraging in the woods.  If you have bears in your neighborhood, I recommend you ask the city for a bear proof trash can and encourage your neighbors to do so too.  A few times the bears have come beating on the trash can trying to get in but the trash can has held up with "bearly" a scratch.  One time, after a dedicated effort to get in, a bear gave up and took a nap under a pine tree the backyard.

Bear-proof trash cans also help bears by helping to prevent their domestication and potential problematic interaction with humans and dogs.

Asheville Wedding and Event Photography

Here is another photograph from the ribbon cutting at Palettes of Perfection a couple of weeks ago. Performance Impressions is excited to announce that we are now the official wedding photography provider for the Asheville David's Bridal. We are in the process of increasing our capacity to serve more venues, planners and individuals with top-notch event and wedding photography coverage. We want to photograph your wedding!

Asheville Wedding Photography by Performance Impressions

Palettes of Perfection - Asheville Weddings

The ribbon cutting opening of Asheville's new wedding vendor boutique, Palettes of Perfection was a beautiful event. The three story venue located on Asheville's historic Wall Street is a great location to throw a major bash. I was excited to have met some new contacts and friends as well. I really enjoyed the band and aerial performers.

Announcing the birth of our daughter

Rebecca was born on March 3. She is sitting here with me now at 11 days old. She is a healthy baby and we are delighted to say the least.
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