Thursday, June 30, 2011

Alekline's Gun at Webster Hall

The thrash metal act Alekhine's Gun played an amazing set for No Remissions album release party at the studio in Webster hall. This Brooklyn based band drew the metal and hardcore underground crowd like a prophet draws a cult. They played fast and loud, so hard even the sound guys couldn't keep up with the fury. It was awesome. Lead by vocalist "the crusher" a rare female singer in the scene, this band seemed to unleash the crowd into a bloody sweat soaked monster. It was awesome! If you have an opportunity to witness these up and comers I would highly recommend throwing on a tee shirt you don't mind ruining and lacing your boots up tight for one he'll of a show.

For more information about Alekhine's Gun and tour and album info check them out at.

Photos and words by Christopher G. Smith

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