Saturday, November 20, 2010

Jesse McReynolds CD Release Party in Nasheville

By Butch Worrell
Nashville, TN

It was Jesse McReynolds CD release party at the Station Inn, Nashville’s cool Bluegrass music venue.He has followed up Jim and Jessie’s earlier success at adapting Rock N Roll to his unique style ( “Berry Picking” covering the music of Chuck Berry) with “The Songs of the Grateful Dead”, A tribute to Jerry Garcia and Robert Hunter. The crowd was a mixture of old Jim and Jessie fans from the Grand Ole Opry years mixed with deadheads there to hear him cover their favorite Dead tunes. He didn’t disappoint either crowd, playing 2 full sets of his original songs, his Chuck Berry covers, and of course his Dead covers. Backed up with a talented band including 3 of his Grandchildren, he showed the crowd that he still has the master’s touch with the Mandolin. Excited about his upcoming appearance at the Rex benefit in San Francisco he explained that he was married to a Deadhead and the CD was also a gift to her. He also talked about the old days in the Virginia mountains, including the story about the corn crop that made 45 gallons an acre. But mainly he and the Virginia boys band showed just how hot Bluegrass could be. What an incredible night of music.

Friday, November 19, 2010

The Music never Stopped

After seeing Furthur for two night in a row (Sovereign Center Reading Pa & 1st Mariner Arena Baltimore Md) it was easy to see that the music never stopped. Deadheads ranging from their teens to their 60's were at both shows. Furthur has two founding members, Phil Lesh and Bob Weir leading the way. Along with Jay Chimenti, Joe Russo, John Kadlecik and back-up singers Sunshine Becker and Jeff Pehrson. Some of the songs played over the last couple of days included China Cat>Come Together, Wharf Rat, Franklins Tower, Revolution, Black Throated Wind, Money for Gasoline, Foolish Heart, Cosmic Charlie, Hard to Handle and Touch of Gray. I find this to be one of the better line-ups in recent years.

Photo's and words submitted by Don McGurrin

Monday, November 15, 2010

KT Tunstall

KT Tunstall
House of Blues
San Diego, CA
November 12, 2010

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