Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Furthur w. Phil Lesh & Bob Weir 3/12/2011

Furthur ripped the third night of the 5 night run at the Best Buy Theater in Times Square on their 2011 spring tour with Hell in a Bucket with Bobby singing and Phil thumping on the bass.  With awesome spring weather in New York, fans enjoyed the urban air and meeting friends along Broadway in Manhattan before the show.

Bobby did a great job hitting the high notes at the end of the song joined by many in the audience singing "at least I'm enjoying the ride".  Without a break, the band busted into Bertha, with Bobby taking the lead on lyrics on the Jerry classic.  Bob Weir seemed to be on it singing Friend of the Devil and Big River next.

The theater felt like large pavilion during a family reunion with the mutual dancing and singing.  John Kadlecik kept the spirit of Jerry Garcia alive with his jamming during Big River, not to mention the rest of the show.  To seemingly everyone's delight, Phil Lesh sang Pride of Cucamonga and the band sounded awesome.

When the band broke into Till the Morning Comes, those who didn't know it yet, had to realize what they were experiencing was more than a treat—it was an epic music party where the band was upbeat and wailing.  Joe Russo was working overtime successfully laying down beats that when performed by the Grateful Dead, utilized two drummers.  Keeping up with their run of performing a song from The Beatles' Abbey Road each night, the band performed Here Comes the SunFurthur then jammed on Sunshine Daydream and performed a wicked change mid-jam into Supplication before finishing off Sunshine DaydreamJeff Chimenti could be heard laying jazzy riffs on the keyboards during the Grateful Dead classic Born Cross-Eyed which finished off the first set.

Second set Furthur performed Ryan Adams' Magnolia Mountain after starting the set off with The WheelPhil Lesh then took to the mic to sing Mountains of the Moon.  Paticle's Steve Molitz joined the band in the second set.  Steve for a while was a member of Phil Lesh and Friends.  Furthur performed Particle's song Elevator, a funky Middle Eastern sounding jam of like a belly dance on acid.  After finishing off second set with In the Midnight Hour, Furthur performed a double encore with Touch of Grey and One More Saturday Night send the crowd off on an upbeat to continue the rage throughout Manhattan.

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