Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Heather Nova live at the WUK, Vienna, Austria

Article by Miriam Broucek
Photos by Matthias Hombauer
November 24, 2011

Is there anybody that is reminding Heather Nova in 2011, I ask myself and the audience, that consists predominantly of people that appear like they have briefly cut in their parlor game evening to come to the WUK in Vienna this evening, seems to underline my thoughts.

But then Heather enters the stage, and you are instantly caught by her natural beauty, her instictiveness and her thrilling voice. Heather Nova reminds you of your once own dreams and your hopes that you are ashamed to have and hesitate to show the neighbour next to you.

Born on the Bermudas, Heather is a relic of a time that I nearly have forgotten, when headstrong, smart, funny and still beautiful women like Michelle Shocked, Alannis Morrisette and Tori Amos were able to make their way in the mainstream music business.

Heather is playing her crucial songs with utmost fervency, amidst a cold November, far too cold for a woman that is used to live on a Caribbean island. The opener is „Everything changes“, maybe the most catching song of her new Album „300 days at Sea“, one of those fragile, thoughtful but still optimistic ballad that show me that yes, it is still worth to think of Heather Nova in 2011. Even though the set drifts away in stadium rock-like guitar soli (yes also women can do this!), it feels good to listen for a while to this heiress of the hippie era with her guitar and blonde long hair, still firm like a rock in the sugar-coated hollow major label pop biz.

More photos from this show at Matthias Hombauer's website: http://blog.matthiashombauer.com

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Black Label Society

For a wednesday evening in November 3 bands rocked Springfield, Illinois.
Black Label Society with frontman Zakk Wylde rocked the place before Judas Priest in an awesome show!
If you have never seen the former Ozzy guitar player and his band, make sure it's something that you do - Right from the beginning just heavy riffs, awesome solos and a great performance.
Right when the curtain dropped and he appeared in an Indian headdress you knew you were in for a good time!!
Enjoy ~
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