Saturday, February 27, 2010

Public Enemy Chuck D & Flavor Flav Photos - In Da House - Bonnaroo

Public Enemy with Chuck D and Flavor Flav blew out the Bonnaroo Music Festival last summer.  June 12, 2009 should be noted in the history books as one of the most music filled days in the U.S.  After what had already been a 12 1/2 hour day full of stage hopping music, Public Enemy took control of This Tent after midnight.  There was no holding back.  The band and the crowd merged in a let loose get down that was powerful, rockin, energetic and together.  The crowd spread out into the fields surrounding the huge open-air covered tent that more resembled an airplane hanger without walls. 

Chuck D (Carlton Douglas Ridenhour) and Flavor Flav (William Jonathan Drayton Jr.) brought their full troupe including the Bomb Squad. Flavor Flav could not hold back from having fun and performing and performing.  Flavor Flav jumped up on the speakers, jump down into the pit to meet the crowd while singing and Flav also took time to get behind the drum set for a solo!

More Public Enemy - Chuck D & Flavor Flav photos from Bonnaroo at Performance Impressions
Public Enemy our national heroes for standing for and speaking for peoples' rights, against racism and government persecution.   Before starting the song Don't Believe the Hype, Chuck D spoke to the crowd "The reason I say fuck the prison-industrial complex, is because there is a Super-Max out there in Colorado and this country always talks about 'Oh we about human rights and that we ain't into waterboarding and torture and all that bullshit,' ...When it comes down to some of the things that we lead the world in" referring to the irony, Chuck D said "peace and love" is what's we need to give then let the crowd know "Bonnaroo, know matter what they say, Public Enemy - we always got your back!."

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