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Bassnectar Festival also featuring Ana Sia, Filastine and The Glitch Mob
 Saturday, February 19, 2011 at the Asheville Civic Center in Asheville, NC

Written by Fox Johnson 

Bass can hardly even describe the truly surreal experience gained by attending a Bassnectar show; perched at the forefront of electronic music. As I have witnessed before, Bassnectar can bring huge crowds into a frenzy of (brilliantly woven, beat-infused) ecstasy. Joining Bassnectar at Bass Center 2 was The Glitch Mob, Ana Sia and Filastine. Although this was a smaller venue holding around 7,000 people; it was sold out in advance like Bass Center 1.  I should mention Lorin Ashton's (aka: Bassnectar) birthday on this day; to make this an even more delectable show.
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Click for more Bass Center 2 photos with Bassnectar at Performance Impressions with slide show.

Usually when coming in sight of a music venue the night of a show, you will start to hear the rumble from inside. When Bassnectar unleashed on Asheville, NC; buildings and sidewalks rattled throughout most of the modest downtown area. I felt the bass tremors from where I had parked six blocks away. While following these alluring tremors, I knew this would be exactly what we all needed to launch out of winter's enduring cocoon. This would be a night of transcendental Bassnectar infused alchemy. 

The Glitch Mob

Entering the arena at a Bassnectar show is akin: to attending a costume party with David Bowie, while being led through an inter dimensional sonic vortex by hot fairy girls who seem to survive purely on glitter and beats. As I came into this sparkling entangled circus of debauchery The Glitch Mob was furiously entertaining the already full arena. So full that the main floor was shut off early from most people trying to enter it temporarily because it was packed. All of that and the night was just beginning. This is what a Bassnectar show is all about.

When Bassnectar took over the stage, he immediately elevated the already well-primed crowd into a bass-induced fervor. The arena quickly launched into an ethereal orbit, with Bassnectar at the electronic helm delivering exactly what his fans wanted.  There was an atmosphere that pulsed and writhed, as (blissed out bass heads all found their groove of shear delight. 

As any Bassnectar fan knows part of what to expect is a tremendously involving multimedia show. There were two things that are standout this night. One was what was being projected on the screen directly behind Bassnectar, there was a narrative of some native people's involved in wildly moving ceremony. It was well used in the buildup on this night. The other awesome production were decorated swings lowered from the ceiling to scoop up elaborately costumed acrobatic dancers who then soared over the crowd in a beautifully playful sequence. To these things and so much more at Bass Center 2, the crowd responded with a seemingly endless thirst for the intoxicating sounds laid down by Bassnectar.

Happy Birthday Bassnectar with many thanks for sharing it with us. Without question, whether you see him in Australia or Tennessee, Bassnectar always transcends and elevates electronic music to new horizons. 

Animated Time Lapse - Click Photo to Play

Animated Time Lapse - Click Photo to Play

Click for one more time lapse of Bassnectar at Bass Center 2

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