Monday, March 7, 2011

The Adam Ezra Group (AEG) opens for Rusted Root at Sugarloaf USA

February 5, 2011 - Carrabasett Valley, Maine.

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Adam Ezra Group - King Pine Ballroom - Carrabassett Valley, Maine
The King Pine Ballroom  is a magical place to see live concerts, could be something about the wood/stone construction within the SUGARLOAF Base Lodge.

Adam Ezra Group

Adam Ezra Group plays SUGARLOAF USA

Josh Gold - keyboards

Robin Vincent Soper - bass

Robin Vincent Soper - bass

Jon (Chappy) Chapman - drums

Turtle - percussionist

Adam Ezra Group was joined later on the King Pine Ballroom stage by two of the three Rusted Roots guitarists - Dirk Miller and Colter Harper
Turtle - percussionist with The Adam Ezra Group and Dirk Miller - guitarist with Rusted Root.

The Adam Ezra Group with Colter Harper (Rusted Root guitarist) in background.

The Adam Ezra Group with Colter Harper - Rusted Root guitarist

Rusted Root's Colter Harper sits in with The Adam Ezra Group

"Adam Ezra is one of the most promising songwriters to come along in years... with the craftsmanship and insight to become a major voice in American music."
-Ben Tishler, VH1

"Adam Ezra has the uncanny ability to attract and hold the attention of concertgoers of all ages. As a songwriter, his words connect with his audience on many levels. As a performer, Adam gives all of his energy, attention, and emotion to every show. It's difficult not to get caught up in what he's doing onstage, a fact proven by his quickly growing audience.
-Scott Hayward, Tupelo Music Hall

Adam Ezra and Josh Gold (AEG)

For Rusted Root photographs from this evening please click here now

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