Thursday, May 26, 2011

An Evening with David Crosby & Graham Nash

The State Theatre in Portland Maine proudly presents
David Crosby and Graham Nash
Sat., May 21, 2011

Article and  Photographic images created by Conall O'Brien. 

Graham Nash & David Crosby

State Theatre - Portland Maine

Crosby and Nash, longtime creative partners since first harmonizing in 1968, performed as a duo backed by a band consisting of Crosby's son, James Raymond on keyboards, Dean Parks playing guitar, bassist Kevin McCormick and Steve DiStanislao on drums. 
Two sets were played with Crosby and Nash switching between acoustic and electric instruments, opening the first set with the classic Byrd's song  "Eight Miles High". Nash-written classics" Marrakesh Express", " Our House" and the CSN/CSN&Y hit "Teach your Children" were played as well as "Immigration Man" ," Almost Cut my Hair", and one of my favorites ' Wooden Ships" written by Crosby, Stephen Stills and Paul Kantner. ( Personal note - I tell everyone who knows me that Paul Kantner's Jefferson Starship was a catalyst in me being a photographer as the Jefferson Starship has no restrictions on photography by members of their audience).  

I chose this street image for the yellow "Paint (Gov.) LePage " flyer attached, a project melding art and community.

Evenings performance was available on USB flash drive, 30 mins. after the show.

Band merchandising. 

This photographer was keen on creating images of the Grammy-winning, Rock and Roll Hall of Famers -  Graham is a renowned photographer who has authored several photographic books and who's work in digital fine art printing is in the Smithsonian's permanent collection " Camera". David's father was a  filmmaker who won an award for best photography for "High Noon". As hoped for Graham and David played "Camera"  a song written in 1994( CSN "After the Storm"), which channels my same feelings of wanting to capture images at night with just my eyes., and I feel an idea to encourage photography. I was able to create images of the first two songs, and then sat down and actively listened to the rest of the show for the complete experience.

Detail of Ornate wood carvings in the balcony of The State Theatre in Portland, ME.

Graham Nash

David was enjoying the vibes at The State Theatre

Twice inducted R&R Hall of Famers - Crosby(r) & Nash(l)

Graham Nash

Lyrics to " Camera" -

Music: David Crosby, Stephen Stills;
Lyrics David Crosby (c) 1994 Stay Straight Music,
all rights adm by Warner-Tamerlane Publishing Corp., BMI

I rode my bike to town today
Wobbling down the path
I knew the kids would see me
I love it when they laugh

And I wish I were a camera
And I could slice time like a knife
Seeing stories in the faces
And crystallizing life

Wish I were a camera
I wish it all the time
It gives my eyes a reason
It gives my life a rhyme

I'd be a lens that could see souls
A shutter that never shuts
I'd have film that lasts forever
And I would live in huts

In the jungles of South America
Like my father before the war
I'd find out where we came from
And what this life is for

And I wish I were a camera
I wish it all the time
It gives my eyes a reason
It gives my life a rhyme

And I wish I were a camera
I wish it all the time
It gives my eyes a reason
It gives my life a rhyme

I would climb right off this planet
On the clearest night of all
And photograph the future
When it finally comes to call

I would save up all these images
These instants in a box
And when I am old and lonely
They could cover up the clocks

And I wish I were a camera
I wish it all the time
It gives my eyes a reason
It gives my life a rhyme

I wish that I could shoot at night
And leave without a trace
And catch my lover's sleeping smile
By the starlight on her face

But I think mostly that l'd see children
'Cause they haven't learned to hide
And they watch me on my bicycle
And laugh with me as I ride

Graham Nash 

Barefoot and Grounded Graham Nash

David Crosby

Graham Nash & David Crosby

Graham Nash & David Crosby

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Thank you to everyone at  The State Theatre - Portland for arranging the exquisite performance with David Crosby & Graham Nash.

For local information to Portland ME please visit Portland's music blog

Article and photographs © 2011 Conall O'Brien All Rights Reserved
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Juicy Brucie said...

Excellent photos. I love the fact that these guys are still playing. As a famous Philly DJ says, "Keep on rocking because you only rock once." - Juicy Brucie

David Oppenheimer said...

Great post and photos Conall! Love the full coverage of the show. Looks like it was a fun time!

Conall O'Brien said...


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