Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dead Prez Photos & Review

Dead Prez Photos & Reveiw
Enlightening The Masses With Revolutionary Music
Written by Fox Johnson
Concert Photos by David Oppenheimer

Dead Prez is the longtime hip hop duo who's intrinsically anti-establishment outcry has been at the forefront of the worldwide music movement, promoting human equality and justice. The group consists of M-1 and who together have collaborated with many top musicians since forming Dead Prez including: Talib Kwali, Midnite, Dj Drama, Chuck D, Outlawz, Dj Green Lantern, and Big Pun. Currently they are touring with dj/emcee mikeflo as their third man. The duo's music has been featured on :the movie Slam, as the introduction song on every episode of the Chappelle’s Show, on the soundtrack for the movie 2 Fast 2 Furious, on a Dead Prez documentary called It's Bigger Than Hip Hop, as well on two video games NBA Live 2007 and SKATE.

Although their influence has covered much of the entertainment industry pandora they have remained vigilant to the spread of social justice, while continually voicing opposition to corporate control. Dead Prez draws much inspiration from social activists: Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey, and Huey P. Newton. As exclaimed in their song Malcolm Garvey Huey, saying “study Malcolm Garvey Huey“. and M-1 also reject the ridiculous musicians lifestyle portrayed in mass media. Instead Dead Prez promote knowledge, healthy living, community, veganism, and eliminating racism. None of which, most of the media industry has any true interest in.

 Despite all of this Dead Prez's music has become wildly popular allowing their inclusion on some mainstream media as mentioned earlier, but on their own terms. The duo play a modest amount of tour dates each year around the world ranging from Asheville NC and Austin TX in the US, to Oslo Norway. The duo have even set up impromptu concerts for people who cannot afford to pay and see their already scheduled show, as they did in South Africa. Regardless of location Dead Prez always find themselves drawing exuberant crowds ready to be engaged with a conscious revolutionary message.

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