Friday, August 5, 2011

Nashville’s first Rex benefit courtesy of Jesse McReynolds

In the past during “Jerry week” one had to leave town to find a musical tribute to Jerry Garcia. But thanks to Jesse McReynolds, Steve Thomas, Shawn Apple, Rod Jansen, and Marty Previt this year all one had to do was truck on down to the Legendary Station Inn for a night of Grate music in honor of Jerry complete with barefoot girls spinning away. Since Jesse announced that the “Wheel” t shirts were being sold for the Rex Foundation that qualifies as a Rex benefit. Along with Jerry tunes such as Loser or Standing on the Moon were some traditional Bluegrass favorites such as Roy Acuff’s Night train to Memphis and some R&R like Chuck Berry’s “Promised Land”. And the “Dark Hollow” closer was just exactly perfect for me. Jesse promised the crowd more nights like this, I know I’m ready.
Butch Worrell

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