Saturday, March 3, 2012

Nashville Cats still prowling

By Butch Worrell

Tucked away in a sleepy backwater of Nashville where you can still hear roosters crow I visited a recording studio where an old friend, Lorrie Bennett (Anita Carter’s daughter) is cutting an album. Cinderella Sound, owned and operated by Wayne Moss, has seen many greats in it’s time. Artists that have recorded there include Steve Miller, Linda Ronstadt, Ricky Scaggs, Charlie Daniels, and many more.

Anyone reading this has heard Wayne’s work as a session musician but probably did not realize it. If you like the guitar work on Roy Orbison’s “Pretty Woman”, or have listened to Bob Dylan’s “Blonde on Blonde” for instance you have heard him play.
While I was there Lorrie recorded 2 songs, R&B legend Joe Simon’s “Chokin Kind” (Both Wayne Moss and Mac Gayden were session musicians on Joe Simon’s “Chokin Kind”) and Mac Gayden’s “Morning Glory”. What made the day extra special was that Mac Gayden was there to add his guitar work to the mix. His slide guitar solo on “Morning Glory” sent chills down my spine. Great songs, beautiful vocals, and talented musicians; this album will be an exceptional work of art.


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