Friday, April 20, 2012

Johnny Winter Live at Tupelo Music Hall - Londonderry New Hampshire

Tupelo Music Hall presents Johnny Winter 

Article and  Photographic images created by Conall O'Brien.  
Photographs Registered © 2012 Conall O'Brien

Close up of Johnny Winter's 1963 Gibson Thunderbird V

Tupelo Music Hall - Londonderry NH. On closer inspection you can see bee's nests inside the 'P" and the "O".

Tupelo Music Hall with attached residence that was for sale at that time.

Paul Nelson CD "LOOK".
Paul Nelson - Positive attitude credited with getting Johnny back on track, keeping the blues alive.
Scott Spray on bass. Scott has also toured for several yrs with Johnny's younger brother- Edgar Winter.
Vito Liuzzi on drums, Paul Nelson-guitar, Scott Spray on bass.
Johnny Winter gets plugged in.
Johnny standing , Again !
Johnny had broken his hip previously,  forcing him to sit, but is now well enough to get up and stretch while playing.
Johnny Winter

Sold out show at Tupelo, but not a bad seat in the house- anywhere. Great venue to hear some awesome blues jams.
Black and white image of one of the favorite blues musicians of this photographer.
Johnny's Erlewine Lazer guitar.

Johnny standing midset with Erlewine Lazer guitar.
Johnny up and about for the second half of the show in Londonderry, NH.
Winter playing Dylan's Hwy. 61

Johnny uses the Gibson Firebird for slidework on Hwy. 61.
Close up image depicting Johnny's long white hair and set of mysterious tattoos.
Johnny Winter (2011) release "Roots", produced by guitarist Paul Nelson.  A must have CD featuring Susan Tedeschi, Warren Haynes, Derek Trucks, Edgar Winter and more along with his band.
Johnny Winter Live '80s DVD.
Johnny Winter Band T shirt available during the show.
Very fair prices for some nice quality Johnny Winter branded ashtrays, coffee mugs.

Johnny Winter "Screamin' Demon"  hot sauce.
Encore image of Johnny's Gibson Firebird V.

The Big News is the upcoming Rock N' Blues Fest in late July  featuring the Johnny Winter Band and the Edgar Winter Band along with Rick Derringer, Mountain’s Leslie West and Savoy Brown’s Kim Simmonds. Please visit Pollstar  for additional information, tickets are already on sale now.

For More Info Johnny Winter Home

Current up to date  Johnny Winter tour dates

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