Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Rob Zombie, Megadeth and Lacuna Coil
Concert Report

The show took place at the Deltaplex Arena, Grand Rapids, Michigan 05-18-12.  The venue had plenty of room to move around which we liked the most.  When you watch a show and you need to get a drink or take a break you want to be able to get out easy.

This venue wasn’t bad at all it had plenty of seats and honoured handicapped people I noticed in wheelchairs.  Security was top notch maintaining control of any emergencies that would arise.

Rob Zombie, Megadeth and Lacuna Coil were going to be in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  I knew we should try to report the show even though we just reported the Slash with Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators, Brand New Sin and Hillbilly Herald show the night before.  I felt it was well worth buying a ticket for the show.


My son and I covered Rob Zombie at the Mayhem Fest 2010 show.  And at the Mayhem Fest 2011 we covered Megadeth.  Lacuna Coil we heard of the name but never had the chance to see them live.

Lacuna Coil:
My son and I didn’t know what to expect from the opening act for Rob Zombie and Megadeth.  I still have to say, “The hardest job is warm up for the show”.  I compare it to jump starting a car with a low battery.

The car being the crowd and the jump start being the first band in the line up.  So Lacuna Coil had the task of getting crowd revved up for two new shows.  This either makes or breaks the show.

Lacuna Coil started that car without a problem.  Cristina Scabbia with her beautiful voice grabbed our attention.  Then Andrea Ferro backed up Cristina’s vocals with his metal voice.  I feel this is a perfect combination of vocal.

My assistant took pictures at the front of the stage while I was off to the far right watching.  The only thing I could think at the time is, “I wish I was up there too, taking pictures, so lucky.” 

The heavy bass thundered through everyone’s bodies making you want to jump back.  But you don’t move no matter what, the metal thunder drew you in.  Excellent metal guitar playing and drums were excellent.

I’d have to say they are a metal total package of a metal style I can’t compare to anyone else.  To me that’s a good thing not to be labelled like another band.
Their two voices make their group unique and worth seeing again.  The quality of metal they put out is excellent.

Don’t take my word for it go see Lacuna Coil when they’re at a show near you.  A true test of a band is to hear them live.  Live video doesn’t even compare to a live show.

My son and I had the chance to see Megadeth live at Mayhem Fest 2011.  We knew a little about what to expect.  We were blindsided by the amazing light show that Megadeth put on.

My son was taking pictures at the front of the stage, so he couldn’t see the total light show like I did.  The display screen was full of color’s that drew you in.  The screen was in sync with the music.

Dave Mustaine’s metal vocals knock you back.  Dave was armed with his signature Dean-vee guitar.   This one was a single neck he played. 

Dave Mustaine also has a signature double neck Dean Guitar that we saw at Mayhem Fest 2011.  Either of his guitars and his metal riffs is captivating.  Blistering hot and fast metal guitar riffs in his unique style.

I feel every famous guitarist has their own sonic thumb print.  When you hear it you already know who that is playing.  Megadeth supports two guitar heroes, Dave Mustaine and Chris Broderick.

Megadeth is then backed up by thundering metal bass player, David Ellefson.  On the drums for Megadeth, Shawn Drover brings the metal thunder.  All the artists/musicians involved are amazing and seem to get better with age.

The greatest thing that stuck out in the show was the guitar giveaway.  Megadeth stopped the show to give away the flying-vee guitar that Dave Mustaine was playing.  I thought about the Dave Mustaine’s signature double neck-vee guitar.

“This will be my axe of destiny some day for me to purchase,” thought to myself.  My son and daughter would also get good use of it too.  By what I write you can tell I’m a fan of Megadeth and Dave Mustaine’s guitars.

Megadeth put on an amazing show that kept the crowd revved up for Rob Zombie to come on.

Rob Zombie:
My son at the front of the stage was waiting to capture the show.  I waited at the far right of the stage and watched the set up of the stage.  The crowd packs in shoulder to shoulder all revved up to see the show.

The first time my son and I had the chance to see Rob Zombie was at Mayhem Fest 2010.  Rob Zombie had a great pyrotechnics show back in 2010.  Rob is a very creative artist in his own right.

Slowly the show opens and I can see John 5 another guitar hero on my side of the stage.  The flaming robots drive the crowd crazy.  Pyrotechnics were perfectly timed to the songs.

With each blast of the flames you could feel the heat from where you stood.  Beside the fire, they also had a display screen and light show going in sync with the songs.

I had to think back at how inventive Rob Zombie is creating a great stage display.  Back in 1995 I took my brother in-law to White Zombie.  The stage display was a graveyard scene.

Rob Zombie inspired me, to want to create a graveyard scene for my art prize entry for this year.  “A graveyard scene for an art display, how unique it would be,” I thought to myself.

The Rob Zombie show was like a live horror movie with metal.  It was a thrill ride from beginning to end.  The show was a total package of great music, pyrotechnics, light show, screen display, and over all stage display.

If you never have seen Rob Zombie live, you are missing out on a metal rollercoaster ride of metal chaos.  Don’t believe what I have to say, go see the show yourself.

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