Saturday, August 18, 2012

Black Stone Cherry concert report

Black Stone Cherry
With Stellar Revival, R’eaul,
Pass Of Aggression at
The Intersection, Grand Rapids, Michigan

The concert blindsided me it was a last minute show to go see.  I entered another contest put on by local radio station WGRD 97.9.  I won two tickets to the show along with meet and greets.

 We were brought in for sound check with Black Stone Cherry.   A crowd of people all went with us that won tickets also.  The band offered to play three songs just for us which sounded great.

The band hung out with the crowd afterwards letting people talk and get autographs with the band.   I really enjoyed a casual style of meet and greet it was more down to earth that way.

We decided to photograph the concert and help out the bands by writing an article.  So at the last minute my son and I both got photo passes.  I was notified Monday that I won and the next day was the concert.

I hurried around at the last minute lining up some time off early from work.  It was all worth the trouble.  All the bands were great to listen to. 

I checked some of the bands out on youtube again.  I wanted to get a feel for the style of music they play.

Pass Of Aggression:
I always mention that the hardest job of a band is getting the crowd going.  The true test of a band is how they sound live.  Pass Of Aggression got the crowd fired up their sound is unique. 

If you like hearing people spitting rhymes with hard rock music playing you’ll love their show live. This band reminded me of Cypress Hill a little bit.  When I checked youtube after the concert I noticed they did a cover song of Cypress Hill’s “Insane In The Brain,” I like the cover song. 

A few others that I liked of Pass Of Aggression were “Empathy”, “Anewstart”, and “A.D.D.”  They sounded better live and really rocked for the first band on stage.

Reaul rocked out keeping the crowd going.  They had a great rock sound that was needed for the second band in the show.  Some of the songs on you tube I found are “Circle City Lights”, and “My Casino Heart”. 

If you like hard rock look them up.

Stellar Revival:
Stellar Revival rocked the crowd with, “The Crazy Ones”, which is my favourite.  Other song I really like by Stellar Revival is, “Saving Grace”.
Another is “Edge Of A Dream”.  They have a great sound and full of energy to keep the crowd warmed up for the next band.

Black Stone Cherry:
Black Stone Cherry rocked out the crowd with their hard rock sound.  I could hear some southern twang to it that really gave them a great sound.
At every concert I’ve been to I search for a song that stands out for a band.

My family and I invented the sleep on it test.  When you hear many different songs during the day and you fall asleep.  The next day you wake up and think of the first going through you thought? 

Black Stone Cherry has a few songs you may think are like that.   “In My Blood” is the main song you can’t forget because it’s that good.  The other is a very well know song called “White Trash Millionaire”.  One other song I really like is the “Lonely Train” it has a hard rock and bluesy sound that really has a unique sound.

If you haven’t seen these bands live you’re missing out on a great show at a low price.  I would pay a higher price to see these bands again they were all great sounding bands.  I think the next time I see these bands I will bring my whole family.  After the show I shared some of the songs with the rest of my family and they really liked all the bands too.  So next time it will be the whole family. 

By Nosforotu Poet (Dan Spratt) and Andrew Spratt

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