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Carnival Of Madness

Carnival Of Madness
Rock The Rapids,
Grand Rapids, Michigan

I decided to surprise my family with vip passes to the Carnival Of Madness tour.  The closest show was at Rock The Rapids, Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Which we covered Uproar Festival 08-21-2012 and knew how good it was and where everything was located.

I mainly bought the vip passes as part of my daughter’s birthday present for her 17th birthday.  Her favorite groups Cavo, Halestorm, Chevelle, and Evanescence were all going to be there.  They all inspire her to play guitar and violin, but most of all Amy Lee of Evanescence and Lizzie Hale of Halestorm.
My 21 year old metal son and I have been counting down the days to report the show.  My son I team up to report the rock and metal concerts mostly.  We both agreed the all the bands put on an amazing show.

All the bands sounded amazing live outdoors.  My daughter and wife stayed in the vip section and enjoyed the show.  Rock The Rapids had a great dinner set up for the vip’s.  If I was to come back next year I would bring the whole family again and buy vip passes again.

Cavo was the first band to take the stage.  I always mention that the first band has the hardest job.  This band has to get the crowd fired up.

This will tell you how fired up Cavo gets the crowd.  While we were waiting to get into the photo pit security warned us about the crowd surfers.  They mentioned that, in other towns along the way their were multipule crowd surfers all at once and to watch out when they come in.

My son and I never heard Cavo that much other than, “Thick As Theives” on the radio.  I really like this song even more live when they played it for the crowd.  The crowd got fired up from Cavo their songs were all great sounding.

We would be happy to see them again and again.  Before the show I researched other songs that I liked to listen to of  Cavo’s, “Crash”, “Celebrity”, and “Let It Go”.  If you have never seen Cavo live you’re missing a great show.

When Halestorm took to the stage Arejay showered the audience with a bottle of water.  It felt good because it had to be touching 90 degrees or more.  But Halestorm made it hotter rocking the crowd with their music.

They were more like a lavastorm or firestorm with the great sounding songs they put out live.  A true test of a band is how they perform live, how they work the crowd and how they sound.  Lzzy Hale took the stage by storm.  She belted out sonic attacks of great vocals and guitar playing.

Many people keep track of what happens on stage in the front and forget behind the singer.  Arejay the drummer was destroying the drums with his drumsticks.  We were really surprised he didn’t break his drumsticks putting all his heart into playing. 

My whole family really liked their song, “Love Bites”; the song I heard played a lot WGRD radio of Halestorm’s.  The song sounds awesome live outdoors.

Another few songs my family and I like are, “Here’s To Us”.  My metal son really likes the song, “A Freak Like Me”.  The total show that Halestorm puts out is well worth seeing again live.

One of the most memorable parts was when Amy Lee of Evanescence and Lzzy sang together live.  They really connected with the crowd doing such a great performance.

Ever since the song, “Send The Pain Below” was played on the radio station WGRD I wanted to see them live.  The drums, the vocals, the guitar, and bass blend together perfectly.  They made an awesome sonic attack on the live crowd.  The bull in the background lit up for everyone to see was very kool to see. 

This brings me to another great song that Chevelle performed, “Hats Off To The Bull”. This song has been played on a daily basis at WGRD.  Other songs that my family likes are, “The Clincher”, “The Red” and “The Meddler”. 

 One other song we really is, “Face To The Floor” played daily at WGRD.  Chevelle was well worth seeing live and my whole family wants to see again when they come around.

Seeing Evanescence live was amazing the music they put out live.  I would have to say that Amy Lee is one of my daughter’s role models and inspiration.  Inspiring to play music on guitar and violin and continue to study the arts.

My son also see’s all these bands as an inspiration to start his own metal band some day and to keep playing and composing lyrics.  Inspiring them play guitar each and everyday.  “Bring Me To Life”, has been inspiring millions to play music and sing.

The vocals, guitars, bass, and drums blend together for an amazing sonic attack of the crowd.  It’s so hard to describe how much better a live performance is of a great band.  People need to come out to see for themselves.

Other songs my family really like are, “My Heart Is Broken”, “My Last Breathe” and “What You Want”.

I want to say a special thank you so very much for making my daughter’s birthday present a memory to last a lifetime as well as my family‘s.  So thank you Cavo, Halestorm, Chevelle and Evanescence for inspiring my family and showing us such an amazing time.  My daughter loved part of her birthday present and the other part is an acoustic/electric Fender Hellcat that makes her 17th birthday a memory of a lifetime.  Thank You.

By Nosforotu Poet (Dan Spratt) 08-25-2012

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