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Metalocalypse: Dethklok, Machine Head, All That Remains and The Black Dahlia Murder

Machine Head
All That Remains
The Black Dahlia Murder

This show took place 11-11-12 at The Orbit Room, Grand Rapids, Michigan.  The 11th was Veterans Day and also National Metal Day.  “What a way to celebrate National Metal Day,” I figured.

Remembering the people who served our country was important to remember also.  Thanking veterans and remembering the ones who gave their life defending our country was also on my mind.

The Black Dahlia Murder:
My son and I just made it into the venue in time to catch The Black Dahlia Murder getting ready to start.  We’ve only heard them a few times and really liked the metal show they did.  The hardest part of the show is warming up the crowd and they got the metal crowd flaming hot and wanting to mosh.

You can always tell when a band makes you forget how long they’ve play their sets they’re really good.  “The first three songs were over way too quickly”, I thought to myself.  They kept the crowd going wild.

Before watching the show I watched some of The Black Dahlia Murder videos.  I wanted to hear what the band sounded like with their official videos on

Videos I watched:
Statutory Ape
Everything Went Black
Moonlight Equilibrium
A Vulgar Picture
Funeral Thirst

A true test of a band is hearing them live compared to videos and other recordings.  This band passed the live test shaking the Orbit Room with their metal thunder. 

All That Remains:
We had a good idea what All That Remains would sound like this year.  December 18, 2011 my whole family and I won a contest to see Rains, Hatebreed, All That Remains and Five Finger Death Punch.  My son and I had the honour of meeting Oli after the All That Remains show.

It just brought back memories seeing All That Remains live again.  The whole band puts on a great show.  This is one band we would watch live as many times as we could.

My son and I teamed up with cameras so we could capture different angles and it worked out great.  We caught the set list to share with the readers.

All That Remains set list:
This Calling
Dead Wrong
Down Through The Ages
Stand Up
Hold On
Become The Catalyst
Some Of The People
2 Weeks

All the songs on the list sounded awesome live.  People need to see All That Remains live no recordings equal their live show.

Machine Head:
We knew what Machine Head sounded like live from seeing them at Mayhem Festival in Tinley Park, IL. in 2011.  Their show at The Orbit Room brought back memories of the last show.  During the Mayhem Festival Phil Demmel was video interviewed by

I am in the background of the video waiting to interview Kirk Windstein of Kingdom of Sorrow, Crowbar and Down.  I was wearing my Ozzfest shirt from 2007.  With my son helping me take pictures we had an advantage of capturing different angles of the bands at the same time.  At one point I took pictures of my son taking pictures of Phil Demmel up close.

On here I decided to share both the close up pictures and the pictures I took together.  I want to say a special thank you to Phil Demmel for letting my 21 year old metal son take pictures up close.  We caught the set list of Machine Head to share with the readers here also.

Machine Head’s set list:
This Is The End

Machine Head is another band we would watch live as many times as we could.  People need to see Machine Head live when they can they’re well worth the money spent.

At first when I heard that Dethklok was on tour I didn’t know that it was a real band that toured.  I thought Dethklok was just a cartoon to watch that has great sounding metal music.  My son thought it was funny I thought that way but I wanted to be honest.

On the way to The Orbit Room, we listened to Dethklok on the stereo which was perfect cruising music.  This show is rare seeing Dethklok live and well worth the money and time getting out to see a concert.  We also caught Dethklok’s set list to share with the readers.

Dethklok Set List:
I Ejaculate Fire
Hatred copter
Deth Support
Coffee Jingle
Ghost Queen
The Gears
The Galaxy
Thunder Horse
Go Into The Water
Crush The Industry

Our favourite songs are “Thunder Horse” and “Go Into The Water”.  Besides watching the cartoon everyone needs to get out and see this band live.  All four bands passed the live test and were all amazing and unique.

These bands rocked The Orbit Room so much the walls would shake with the metal thunder.  While we were leaving early to beat the traffic we could hear the concert still a block away and it was indoors.  If you want your body shook and slapped around by some good metal music then see this show when it comes around.

By Nosforotu Poet (Dan Spratt) 11-12-12

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