Thursday, December 6, 2012

Lamb Of God, In Flames, Hellyeah and Sylosis report

Lamb Of God
In Flames
Sylosis Concert
At The Orbit Room, Grand Rapids, MI.

We were looking forward to seeing the show because of the great line-up.  Lamb Of God we’ve seen twice before and knew that they put on a great show.  Sylosis and Inflames we haven’t heard that much their music but looked forward to hearing them live.

Hellyeah we’ve been waiting to see for a long time.  We are both big time Pantera fans and Hellyeah fans as well.  While we were driving to the concert we listened to some Pantera music.

We couldn’t wait to get to The Orbit Room.  As we were pulling in to park we noticed the very long line waiting to get in.  We found out this was a sold out show.

Whenever you hear of a sold out show that could tell you how good the bands are on the line up.  While we were making our way into the doorway we could hear the first band starting.  We could hear the thunder from Sylosis playing.

We scramble into the photo pit in the middle of the first song.  From what we both could hear, “they brought the metal thunder.”  The hardest job is to start the show and they did a great job.

They got the crowd going wild with their music.  From the beginning there was people moshing and crowd surfing.  Throughout all of the bands that played there was moshing and crowd surfing.

If anything got out of hand the security did a great job controlling anything that came up.  Sylosis flat melted the crowd’s faces with their metal and I’d be happy to see them again.


The second band on stage we’ve been waiting to see for a long time.  When the band made it to the stage the crowd went crazy.  Vinnie threw some drum sticks to the crowd which I thought was really cool to do.  Throughout the show Vinnie would throw out drumsticks.

I think throwing the drumsticks got the crowd going after them in frenzy.  Vocals, guitar, bass and drums were blended perfectly for great show to see.  Chad Gray gave my metal son a knuckle pound while my son took pictures.

A special thank you to Chad for doing the knuckle pound.  It inspires my son to photograph report and play metal on his guitar.  Chad belted out the vocals like thunder and got the crowd going wild.  Hellyeah sounded amazing live and if you don’t believe us you’ll have to see for yourself.

We took a picture of their set list:

In Flames:

This band was the other band that we didn’t hear much of but we should have.  They kept the crowd on fire all the way until Lamb Of God would go on.  That would let you know how good this band is.

The most memorable moment was when the lead singer grabbed the camera of a photographer next to me.  He then started taking pictures of us and the crowd.  Then he gave the camera back to the photographer.

They brought the metal thunder and melted the faces of the crowd.  We caught the set list and had to share it.

Set List:
Sounds Of A Playground
Dead Ship Dwell
Reroute To Remain
Embody The Invisible
Cloud Connected
Fear Is The Weakness
Mirror’s Truth
Deliver Us
Take This Life
My Sweet Shadow

We both would be happy to see this band live again and again.  The true test is seeing them live music videos don’t compare to live.

Lamb Of God:

As they made their way on stage people began crowd surfing and videoing as they surfed towards the stage.  The crowd surfing never stopped for the first three songs.  While we were in the pit for the show we took some great shots and listened to some great metal.

We’ve seen Lamb Of God two times before, at Ozzfest and Mayhemfest.  We knew that they would put on a great show.  It was great to see the band together playing again.

We caught the set list for the reader to decide for themselves.

Lamb Of God set list:
Ghost Walking
Walk With Me In Hell
Set To Fail
Something To Die For
11th HourThe Undertow
In Your Words
Laid To Rest

All the bands made the show a total high energy melts your faces off metal show.  If they came back around we would see them all again.  The sold out show would let you know how good all the bands are.
By Nosforotu Poet (Dan Spratt) and Andrew Spratt 12-06-2012

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