Monday, January 28, 2013

Papa Roach, Deadwood Stone, Coldville concert report

Papa Roach
Deadwood Stone
The Orbit Room, Grand Rapids, Michigan
Concert Report

On our way we couldn’t believe that the weather was perfect no snow in sight.  Both my assistant son and I looked forward to seeing Papa Roach. We missed them at the Uproar Festival in Grand Rapids.

They cancelled that show and I wanted to hear Papa Roach live.  The true test of any band is how they sound live.  The other part of the test is how a band works the crowd.

After we arrived at The Orbit Room in Grand Rapids, Michigan we saw a long line.  The loyal fans of the bands made it to the show, no matter how cold it was.  The Orbit Room was packed with people for the first show and on.


The first band was Coldville to get the crowd going.  I heard just a little bit about this band before the show.  We were curious to see how good the crowd liked them.

The hardest job is the first band for any show.  At first the crowd had the attitude of, “Impress Us”.  After Coldville played their first song the crowd warmed up to the band and wanted to hear more of their songs.

Coldville got the crowd ready like starting an engine on a car and giving it the gas.  Their songs that they played are as follows.

Coldville Songs:
Another Bullet
Turn It Around
Let It Burn
Live Before I Die
Take A Look
This Fight
Be Denied

We enjoyed the show they put on and would be glad to see them again.


Last year we caught Deadwood Stone at The Intersection.  We knew what type of show to expect.  They put on a great show last year and sounded just as good this time.

They worked the crowd and kept the energy going.  People were getting wilder in anticipation for Papa Roach.  We really liked their songs listed below.

Deadwood Stone Songs:
Cold Rain
Stay Gold
The Man

I always said I’d be glad to see them again and I did just that.  So far both bands were well worth seeing.


Papa Roach appeared on stage making the crowd go crazy.  As soon as the singing started the crowd went wild.  This is one band we wanted to see since the Uproar Festival.

I remember hearing that Jacoby Shaddix had throat surgery.  Jacoby vocals sounded amazing after going through surgery last summer.  Papa Roach was amazing live.

With songs on their set list below.

Papa Roach Songs:
Still Swinging
Blood Bros.
Give Me Back My Life
Angels Go
Before I Die
To Be Loved
Dead Cell
Last Resort

With this long list they blew the crowd away with their songs.  I would always show up to see Papa Roach again and again.  Why?  Because they sound amazing live and work the crowd to make the band amazing.

By Nosforotu Poet (Dan Spratt) 01-28-2013

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