Sunday, February 10, 2013

Mushroomhead, Final Trigger, Gemini Syndrome, 6 Prong Paw, Condition: Critical Concert

Final Trigger
Gemini Syndrome
6 Prong Paw
Condition: Critical
@The Intersection, Grand Rapids, Mi.

The day before the show there was a lake effect snow warning out.  I hoped that it would be safe for us to make it to the show.  And the other concert goers may not go because of the bad weather.

On the way to the show the roads were dry and clear by the time I got off of work early.  When we made it to The Intersection early there was not a good amount of people waiting.  I was concerned that people did not want to get out in the cold weather, but 20 minutes later the crowd proved me wrong.

What I really like about The Intersection is that they allow you to wait indoors.  During the winter that is a must.  So you just wait in the front lounge bar section to wait for the doors to open.

By the time the first band got done playing the crowd proved me wrong.  This was the most packed I’ve seen it.  From the front of the stage all the way back to the bar packed with people.  Die hard metal heads made it to the show.

Condition:  Critical:

Before the first band in the line up came we stopped by the merchandise booths.  At the Condition: Critical booth we talked to Clint Franklin vocals for the band.  We mainly ask only one question about writing music.

We asked Clint, “What comes first the words or the music?”  Clint:  “The music comes first, then the words to express the right emotion.”

“The hardest job is for the first band in the line-up to get the crowd going,” I always say.  Once Condition: Critical got started with their first song the crowd warmed up to them.  They kept the crowd going until the next band would come on.

Condition: Critical is a Michigan band and we always enjoying supporting the bands from Michigan and other states as well.

6 Prong Paw:

This was the second band in the line-up.  I never heard any of their or any of the other bands music.  We were going into the show just judging the music live.

6 Prong Paw gave everyone a sonic attack unique stage presence and sound.  I really liked the first three songs they played while we took pictures.  We had a chance to get the set list to share.

6 Prong Paw set list:
Catch Phrase
Plastic Perfection
Time Alone
Cold Repetition

This band kept the energy going for the packed crowd.

Gemini Syndrome:

We’ve been waiting to see this band since some of my friends on facebook cover their show in California.  They have a west coast taste to them but unique.  Very smooth vocals blending perfectly with the music.

They had a great stage presence working the crowd and keeping the energy going.  We had a chance to catch their set list as well.

Gemini Syndrome set list:
Falling Apart
Pay For This
Left Of Me
Pleasure & Pain

We both liked all the songs they put out.   I think we both would see this band again and again.  They would be worth while to see again.

Final Trigger:

My metal son and I had a chance to talk to Jroc before the show at the Final Trigger booth.  We never heard their music before and like most forms of music.  We asked the same question, “What comes first the words or the music?”

Jroc: “Most of the songs on the cd, the music comes first”.  There were a few he pointed out on the cd that the words came first.  At the booth there was a monster hat and a clown mask.

I didn’t realize that they had a clown as part of the act.  This was one tough clown that cured me of any phobia I had of clowns.  He worked the stage and then dove head first into the crowd.

Crowd surfed a little while then took video of us taking pictures of him while he was in the photo pit.  The clown made for a fun time taking pictures.  The band’s sound was unique with a mixture of rap and metal.

They were full of energy creating a great stage presence with killer riffs, scratching, and spitting lyrics.  I liked their sound and don’t like comparing one band to another.  I like many different metal/rap bands, one of my favourite is Rage Against The Machine.

Jroc was nice enough to give us some cd’s to listen to and share the list with you.

Final Trigger, “Skrap Metal vol.2”:
Face It
Through The Darkness
Knock Somebody Out
Just A Freak
Time I’ve Wasted

They put on an amazing we both would enjoy covering their show again and again.  But take anyone’s word for it see them live.  The true test of a band is being on stage live.

The raw emotion and energy was supercharging the crowd and getting them ready for Mushroomhead.


Starting out before the concert we looked over the concert posting.  My whole family are artists and we enjoy watching faceoff on cable.  This is the only show we get together to watch.

Besides watching faceoff we also like watching horror movies.  We are like the metal version of the Adam’s Family.  When we’re at the theatre watching a horror movie we laugh at the killing parts, while others get scared.

The audience will stare at us in disbelief at our differences.  That’s ok I look at horror movies as a form of art with the special effects.

The first thing my metal son and I see is the front drums on both sides filled with water on top of them.  The start up of the show is drumming on the left and right of the stage.  There was different colour of stage lights hitting the water as it splashed 6 feet or more in the air.

The whole band had monster masks on each unique and great quality art.  Their music was unique sounding with a taste of Korn and many other styles of music like that.  Mushroomhead put on a great stage show and the music sounded just as good.

Judging by the turn out that night everyone else knew how great of a show Mushroomhead puts on too.  We would love to cover their show again and bring my daughter and wife with to see the show also.  See them live to be the judge for yourself.

By Nosforotu Poet (Dan Spratt) 02-10-2013

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