Saturday, February 23, 2013

Testament with Flotsam & Jetsam, 4ARM and Flood The Desert

Flotsam And Jetsam
Flood The Desert
@The Intersection, Grand Rapids, Michigan

When I heard that Testament was playing at The Intersection it was a must see.  Testament we feel is thrash metal royalty along with Megadeth, Slayer, Anthrax and Metallica.  We were lucky enough to score some tickets from WGRD.

Testament had there new cd for sale so we grabbed one up to rock out to on the way home.  Everyone that claims to be metal has heard of Testament.  Another band I was curious about was 4ARM managed by the great Mr. Blasko.

Mr. Blasko is metal royalty as well.  My son and I had the honor of seeing Mr. Blasko play bass for Ozzy at Ozzfest 2007, Tinley Park, IL.  This show was the first concert I took my son to.

Ozzy inspired us to start covering concerts.  We felt that hard rock and metal needed more coverage.  The first band in the line-up for the show at The Intersection was a band called, “Flood The Desert”.

Flood The Desert:  This band is a Grand Rapids area progressive metal/rock band.  They had the hard job of getting the crowd warmed up for the rest of the bands.  On the way into the show I had to purchase their cd to test out.

When Flood The Desert went on stage they fired the crowd up.  They started up into their songs without hesitation.  They captured the crowd and kept them sonically in their grips for their whole show.  

We grabbed up the set list after they were done to share with everyone.

Flood The Desert set list:
Sweet Silence

Excelsior we really liked.  All of the songs sounded great live.  The real test is, “The road test”.  Cruise to the music is no problem for their music.

This band has a unique mixture of styles of sound that really set them apart.  We really enjoyed their music and hope to see them live again.

4ARM:  The next band on the line-up was 4ARM.  We never heard them before but knew they were good based on who is managing them.  This band really blew us and the audience away sonically.

They dominated the stage and the audience.  They have a great metal sound that’s unique and addictive.  They sound and perform great on stage working the stage to keep the crowd going.

I had the chance to share their set list with you as well.  
4ARM set list:
While I lie awake
Raise a fist
The oppressed
Submission for liberty
Taken down
Spent and bled

This is a band that I would see touring with other big bands like Ozzy, Metallica, Megadeth and other big names.  They will become one of the future big bands and they are on their way.

I tried to buy a cd and they were all sold out quick.  We would enjoy seeing this band again and again live.

Flotsam & Jetsam:  The next band before Testament came out is Flotsam and Jetsam.  This band has been around in the metal for a long time.  They took to the stage and captured the crowd.  Fans filled with old fans and new fans of their music.  They sounded great live warming the crowd up from the front of the stage all the way back.  

The Intersection was packed from the front of the stage all the way to the back at the bar.  That will tell you how many metal fans there are watching all the bands.  We also had the chance to get the set list to share with you.

Flotsam & Jetsam set list:
Ugly Noise
Iron Tears
No Place

They sounded great live and we hope to catch their show again someday.

Testament:  Testament one of the thrash metal royalty for good reason.  They made the crowd go crazy filled with old and new fans. 

One of my favourite songs on the cd and what they performed is “Native Blood”.

Testament favourite songs of the “Dark Root Of Earth”, cd.
Rise Up
Native Blood
Dark Roots Of Earth
True American Hate
A Day In The Death
Cold Embrace
Man Kills Mankind

We played the cd on the way home and really enjoyed listening to it.  It was packed with great thrash metal music that kept me awake on my drive home.  When this band comes around again we would both enjoy seeing them again and again.  The true test for any band is to hear them live.  Every band that played that night sounded great and put on a great show.

By Nosforotu Poet (Dan Spratt) & Andrew Spratt 02-23-2013

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