Monday, March 11, 2013

Flyleaf, Drowning Pool, Stars In Stereo at The Intersection, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Drowning Pool
Stars In Stereo
At The Intersection, Grand Rapids, Michigan

The Intersection announced that Flyleaf, Drowning Pool and Stars In Stereo were allowing all ages entry for the show.  This attracted people young and old alike to show up for the concert.  With each minute that went by the line kept getting longer. The line stretched outside the Intersection and down the block.

Throughout the line you could hear people shouting, “Let The Bodies Hit The Floor.”  You could see many people in the crowd brought their families that enjoy rock and metal music.  Even before the first band would perform the stage area was getting packed with people gradually stretching back to the bar area.


While Stars In Stereo was performing people kept pouring in packing the crowd tighter and tighter.  People in the crowd must have been texting their friends to show up at the show after hearing how good Stars In Stereo sound.

Stars In Stereo:  This band had the tough task of getting the crowd fired up like starting and engine. Stars In Stereo took the crowd by storm with amazing vocals of Bec Hollcraft.  Jordan Mcgraw followed with shredding lead guitar.

Justin Siegel brought the thunder with the bass.  Ryan McCormick brought the rock with rhythm guitar.  Thundering with the drums was Drew Langan.

If you never heard of this band you soon will be hearing of them throughout the United States and the World.  Their stage presence and performance was amazing.  You could tell how good this band is by how the crowd responds to each song.

This band should be called Rising Stars In Stereo because they could easily headlines shows in the future.  Many people in the crowd sang along with Stars In Stereo and they sang the Areosmith’s cover song, “Dream On.”

Usually people are use to hearing a man sing this song but Bec Hollcraft nailed the song and made it her own for that moment.

Stars In Stereo set list:
Red Eyed Romance
Dealing Secrets
Dream On
Night By Night
At The Stroke Of Midnight
Every Last Thing
The Broken

All of the songs that Stars In Stereo performed sound amazing live.  This band is rising and won’t stop rising.

Drowning Pool:  Many in the crowd were happy to see Drowning Pool on tour.  You could look into the crowd and see people singing along to their favourite songs.  The crowd went insane when Drowning Pool came on stage.

Jasen Moreno the lead vocals for Drowning Pool had the tough task of winning over old fans of Drowning Pool.  It looked like most of the crowd accepted him with open arms.  A mosh pit formed in the middle of the crowd to signify their acceptance of Jasen Moreno.

CJ Pierce shredding on the guitar made the crowd go crazy.  Stevie Benton on bass brought the metal thunder shaking everyone listening.  Mike Luce on drums follows with his own metal thunder.

The whole crowd liked Drowning Pool thanking the United States troops who have served their country.  It’s great to hear a crowd applaude the troops in any concert.  The last song of their performance was Bodies.

This song made the mosh pit look like a human blender with people bouncing around colliding in chaos.  Over all Drowning Pool kept the crowd going for Fly Leaf.

Flyleaf:  Kristen May the lead vocals came out on stage belted out and amazed the crowd.  Sameer Bhattacharya and Jared Hartmann were shredding on guitar to blow the crowd away.  Pat Seals on bass and James Cupepper on drums brought the thunder to shake everyone in the crowd.

Flyleaf had a great stage presence that captured the crowd and sonically shook them around.  You could see people in the crowd singing along with their favourite Flyleaf song.  They made it fun to be at a concert on a Friday night.

Most of the crowd would see this band over and over again.

Flyleaf Set list:
Call You Out
Great Love
Fire Fire
Swept Away
Bury Your Heart
I’m Sorry
Broken Wings
Fully Alive
All Around
So Sick

Flyleaf, Drowning Pool and Stars In Stereo put on a great show.  Bec Hollcraft of Stars In Stereo and Kristen May of Flyleaf had the vocals of an angel but could belt out rock lyrics without a problem.  Jasen Moreno of Drowning Pool kept the people going crazy with a mosh pit to create an all around fun show to see.

By Nosforotu Poet (Dan Spratt) 03-10-2013


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