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Soulfly, Incite and Lody Kong at Club Fever, South Bend, Indiana

Lody Kong
At Club Fever, South Bend, Indiana
Soulfly, Incite and Lody Kong did a show at Club Fever, South Bend, Indiana, on Sunday.  Last year we had the honour of interviewing Richie Cavalera, Marc Rizzo and Ipek.

The location is downtown 222 South Michigan Street, South Bend, Indiana.  There are plenty of restaurants near Club Fever and on the way in.

People look for easy access to a venue and to food and drink.  The venue is very easy to find and to park near.  Parking spots are plentiful on the street in front and near the venue.

The first thing you notice about the venue is good flow of people waiting to get in.  The line split up into two lines.  One line was for purchasing tickets and the other was for people that had tickets already.  Usually when anyone goes to a concert the waiting in line is what gets people upset.

As you pass through going by the merchandise table set up with tee shirts and CD’s.  Richie Cavalera the lead singer of Incite working the merchandise table.  He didn’t let up on working hard, driving a van on tour, setting up merchandise and then performing on stage.

We purchased Incite’s CD titled All Out War.  Richie Cavalera was kind enough to autograph the CD for us.

The venue seemed smaller than the other concert venues.  But it seemed to have plenty of room for everyone with a back balcony and raised side lounge area.  There are plenty of areas to grab a seat or stand in the crowd.

The dance floor is perfect for people to stand and get a very close view of the band performing.  The photo pit is small which lets the crowd be closer to the stage.   As the first band gets on stage the crowd started to get fired up.  The first band has the hard task of starting up the crowd and keeping them fired up.

Lody Kong:  The band Lody Kong reminded me of a metal version of the great band Nirvana.  With a unique style all their own worth seeing live.  A true test of any band out in the world is to sound and perform great live.

Some bands don’t sound good live but Lody Kong sounds great live.  And how they perform and work the stage and keep the crowd going.  The crowd even formed a mosh pit in the middle of the standing area.

Lody Kong’s set list:
Earth Is Yellow
Crazy Joe
Dreams & Visions

This band is one to watch again and again they’re unique and full of metal energy.

Incite was the second band to perform on stage.  Richie Cavalera attacks the crowd with metal roar starting out.  Thundering riffs of Gene Macazan on lead guitar, Luis Marrufo on bass with Zak Sofaly on drums followed the vocals.  Incite made the crowd go crazy with a mosh pit going crazy in the middle of the crowd.  The mosh pit seemed to continue throughout the total Incite performance.

Anytime a mosh pit keeps going for any metal band it is a compliment from the crowd.

Incite’s set list:
The Aftermath
Die Alone
Down And Out
Tyrannys End
Feel The Flames
End Result
The Slaughter
Army Of Darkness

Incite is a metal band that gets the crowd going insane day in day out year after year.

Soulfly is one of the bands that are metal royalty many metal fans agree.  Many others that are in the metal royalty category are Black Sabbath, Testament, Slayer, Anthrax, Megadeth, Pantera, Hellyeah, Van Halen, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Prong, Godsmack and Machinehead.  This is just part of the metal royalty list many metal fans make up.

If a person claims to be metal but never heard of Soulfly, then they’re not metal.  Soulfly is amazing every time we see their show.  This band is one you will never get tired of seeing.

One thing you will see young and old alike enjoyed Soulfly.  Soulfly sounds better live than recorded.  See for yourself when they come around your area.

It was good to see Soulfly making the crowd go crazy and everyone enjoying themselves.

By Nosforotu Poet (Dan Spratt) 03-03-2013

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