Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Common Ground Music Festival

The Common Ground Music Festival
Adado Riverfront Park
Lansing, Michigan

The Common Ground Music Festival located at Adado Riverfront Park, Lansing Michigan was the perfect location for a festival.  The weather on July tenth was roughly eighty five degrees with a breeze blowing.  This seemed like a perfect summer day with no worries of rain.

As we worked our way into the festival you notice the fencing closing off Adado Riverfront Park.   The festival design was a well planned out for keeping people safe and for everyone to have a good time.  There was plenty of parking located nearby for easy and safe access.

The three stages set up were just the right distance to go see one band and casually walk and catch another band playing on the other stage without having to push your way through a crowd to do it.  There were plenty of food, drink and merchandise areas set up off to the side and out of the way of the stages and crowds watching the show.

People that arrived for the main show missed out on many great sounding bands that put on a great show. We had the honor of catching four bands that were at the two secondary stages.

Red Stone Souls:  This is a great sounding rock band consisting of Ian Kirwan on vocal and guitar, Beau Felix on guitar, Kevin Bernard on bass, Travis Erikson bringing the thunder with the drums.  If you could be a concert promoter or booking agent you would probably have them go on tour with a list of rock bands.  This band would do great on tour with Tesla, Aerosmith, Black Crows, Black Stone Cherry and many other rock bands of this style.

This band passes the hear them live test.  To sound great live is the true test of any band.  Red Stone Souls sounded great and perform great as well.  This is a band that would be great to see over and over again.  They captured the crowd’s attention and kept it for their full show.

The Legal Immigrants: The Legal Immigrants consists of Joe Rockheim on vocals and guitar, Trevor Reidsma on lead guitar, Stefan Schwartz on bass and Tony Lubenow on drums.  This band you could see opening for bands like Wolf Mother, Coheed and Cambria, White Stripes as well as other styles of rock.  This band performed and sounded great.  They have a unique sound all their own.  This band would be great to see over again.

Know Lyfe: Know Lyfe consists of Alfonso Civile the lead singer, Talmadge Jake Bryan on drums, Waylon Fox on bass, Richard Pruneau on guitar.  Lansing, Michigan metal music is alive and well and Know Lyfe is perfect evidence of this.  The crowd at the show went crazy when they started playing.

At one point Alfonso tested the crowd by crowd surfing on them.  The crowd gradually sent him back to the front of the stage.  At one point Richard Pruneau dropped down on the stage and spun around playing his guitar.

That was something unexpected and was great to see the energy on the stage.  You could easily see this band on tour with Pop Evil, Soul Fly, Incite, Five Finger Death Punch, Wayland, Hellyeah and many other metal bands.  This band was great sounding and great performing.

They captured the crowd and kept the crowd going crazy the total time they were on stage.  This is a band that would be worth while seeing over and over again.

Wilson:  Wilson is a band from Detroit, Michigan area.  Wilson consists of Jason Spencer on guitar, Chad Nicefield on vocals, Kyle Landry on guitar, James Lascu on bass, Matt Puhy on drums.  This band touches on hard rock and shifts to metal with ease.  The Wilson band was intense from start to finish.

The show was full of energy blowing the crowd away as well as the people photographing them.  This is an amazing live band capturing the crowd and taking everyone on a sonic thrill ride.  This band could easily be seen on tour with Five Finger Death Punch, Pop Evil, Battlecross, Wayland, Killswitch Engage, Hellyeah and many other bands.

All four of these Michigan based bands made the long trip worth while.

By Nosforotu Poet (Dan Spratt) 07-14-2013

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