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Rock The Lot with Jackyl,Wayland, Deadwood Stone and Tru-Burn

Rock The Lot
Jackyl, Wayland, Deadwood Stone and Tru-Burn

The Intersection held an outdoor concert in their parking lot August 16.  They had the perfect weather of seventy-five degrees.  The parking lot started packing in as soon as the doors opened.

The featured drink of the night was Jesse James Dupree’s label bourbon.  Jesse James Dupree is also the lead singer of the headline band Jackyl.  Jesse is also known by many for the Full Throttle Saloon reality television show at the Sturgis, South Dakota motorcycle rally that is put on every year.

Many bikers were in the crowd that road many impressive looking motorcycles lined up and parked in front of The Intersection.  The packed parking lot was like one big rock and roll party atmosphere.  Fans young and old and families all blended in to enjoy the show.

The line-up for the evening started with Tru-Burn, Deadwood Stone, Wayland and the Jackyl.

Tru-Burn:  The band is composed of Miles Powell on lead vocals and bass, Herm on drums, Shadow on guitar and Fred Zeppelin on bass and backup guitar.  This band was the first one on the line-up for the show.  They had the task of getting the crowd going like starting a car engine.

Tru-Burn did more than just get the crow warmed up they hit everyone like a sonic sledgehammer.  Miles Powell has a stage presence similar to Randy Blythe of Lamb Of God.  When he starts to sing and perform with the band he captures everyone’s attention and keeps it for the total show.

Tru-Burn set-list:
1. Black Van
2. LDS
3. BRO
4. White Lightning
5. Pickup

The main influence is the band called Clutch.  This rock band could tour with any rock band and even touch on metal maybe tour with Lamb Of God.  This is a band to see over again they put on a great show and kept the crowd going.

Deadwood Stone:  The band is composed of Chris Phillips on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Nate Bishop on drums, Dave Droski on lead guitar and Fred Droski on bass guitar.  It seems like every time we cover Deadwood Stone they keep getting better and better.  This was the third time covering Deadwood Stone.

Deadwood Stones set-list:
1. A$$
2. Ballad
3. Truckers
4. Cold Rain
5. Stay Gold
6. The Man
7. Ashes

Deadwood Stone had no problem rocking the crowd and keep them going until Wayland would be next on stage.

Wayland:  The band is composed of Mitch Arnold on vocals, Phillip Vilenski on lead guitar, Dean Pizzazz on bass and Tyler Coburn on drums.  This band was full of energy from the start to end.  Mitch Arnold belted out lyrics putting out all his energy and not holding back at all.

And then Mitch came down shook hands with the crowd when he took a breather before getting back up on stage.  The whole band sounded amazing live.  We had the chance to share Wayland’s set-list including two cover songs.

Wayland’s set-list:
1. All Rise
2. Fire Down Below
3. Shopping For A Savior
4. Nobody’s Perfect
5. That’s Life
6. Get A Little
7. Bloody Sunrise
8. Reno
9. On My Knees
10. Whole Lotta Love
11. Welcome To My Head

The crowd sang along with Wayland played most of their song.  This would tell you how many fans the band had there at The Intersection that night.  Wayland sounded so good that the crowd wanted the band to keep playing even after they finished their last song.

If you never had the chance to hear Wayland live you are missing out on a great show.  This is a band that I would see over again.

Jackyl:   The band Jackyl is composed of Jesse James Dupree on vocals, Roman Glick on bass, Jeff Worley on guitar and Chris Worley on drums.  Jackyl made the night a wild and wet night.  Playing the great rock and roll that everyone in the crowd loved.

Jesse James Dupree has a stage presence that reminded me of Ted Nugent.  At the time we didn’t know why there was a bottle of Jesse James Dupree bourbon.  Later in the night we found out why the bottle was there as it sprayed out on the crowd.  

Jesse and the band made it a fun night like one big party.  This band is one not to be missed whenever they make it around your area.  The best thing about the show is that besides just listening to music you experience the rock and roll.

You forget about your worries and just have a great time with friends and family and other fans.

By Nosforotu Poet (Dan Spratt) 08-19-2013

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