Sunday, August 25, 2013

Styx at The Indiana State Fair.

Styx at The Indiana State Fair 

With no opening band, Styx proves to be a band who needs no introduction.  The crowd was full of electric like energy as they all waited in anticipation for this legend to begin their set. When the band entered from two different areas of the stage the crowd went wild; screaming, cheering and clapping so loud it was nearly deafening.

Being veterans of the festival circuit, Styx is no stranger to a huge crowd. With over 10,000 est. people there to enjoy the show they showed their prowess and love of the stage. One would think that being through Hell and back would weaken the band but in this case, it is quite the contrary.

Playing classics like "Blue Collar Man" and "The Grand illusion" (which was phenomenal live) the crowd was full of excitement, cheer and energy all through the entire set. Lawrence Gowan serenaded the crowd on his piano with the intro to "Come Sail Away" which induced an intimate sing-along from the crowd and ended their set.

With the crowd screaming and begging for more, Styx returned to the stage for an epic, two song encore. "Rockin' the Paradise" was played and the very final song of the night was "Renegade" after which Styx left to cheers and applause louder than any concert ever heard. The whole night proved to be one of epic proportions and will be hard to forget. Not everyone can say they have had the pleasure to see such a legend live and I'm glad to say that I am one.

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