Monday, May 26, 2014

Cassidy Diana debuts her new CD " Salute" this Memorial Day weekend honoring America's heroes

by Isaac Rodiguez
Cassidy Diana an amazing 15 year old singer, songwriter, today debuted her new CD " Salute" this song is honoring America's heroes. This is a heart felt song for Cassidy as she is part of a military family. This event was sponsored by The Coalition to Salute America's Heroes. This is a non profit organization dedicated to help our military members. For more information go to their web site at :
A very special thank you to Kim Reilly of SeaSide Music Management, Inc. who dedicated her time to produced this great event. For more information go to:
Here is a picture of Cassidy performing:

All proceeds from the sale of the song " Salute" are donated to this great organization. Cassidy at this young age has recorded a few songs with Trace Adkins. Cassidy's song " The Call" is a very emotional and touching song that certainly touches all children and families of military personnel.Check out Cassidy's music at :

Cassidy performed with The Livesays who are outstanding musicians featuring the great saxophonist Phil Kenzie.
I had the pleasure to do an interview with Phil Kenzie prior to the performance. The audio interview along with a picture slide show of the performance can be seen here:

Here are a few more pictures of The Livesays:
For more information on The Livesays go to:

Cassidy also performed with the band Vinyl Connection featuring Mark Prentice, Jimmy Gunn,Rick Seratte, Barry Ledere, and Lou Bolognia. This was also an excellent performance, here are some pictures:
More more information on the band Vinyl Connection go to:

This was an evening filled with great music. An evening filled with joy and tears as the true purpose of this event was to honor and remember America's heroes, all those past and present that have and currently dedicate their lives so we can enjoy our freedom. To all of you that serve our country just want to say THANK YOU !!!!!!!

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