Saturday, August 2, 2014

Dirty Heads and Pepper Supply an Evening of West Coast Summertime Beach Vibes

Images and article by Jimi Nedoff of Nedoff Fotography

Earlier this week, on Tuesday July 29, The Dirty Heads and Pepper rolled into Charlotte, NC for a night at the Fillmore. The two groups bring a good time, beach party atmosphere with their sounds. Perfect for a late July packed house looking for some fun.

Dirty Heads


Pepper, a three piece group originating from Hawaii, threw down a good mix of dirty reggae, ska, and upbeat alternative rock. A good representation of their island surf roots.


Brett Bollinger

Kaleo Wassman

Yesod Williams

The Dirty Heads, residing from Hunington Beach, CA, finished off the night after Pepper amped the mainly youthful crowd up. A perfect order of bands for the evening! The Dirty Heads bring a little more of a hip hop influence to their music. Providing a mix of acoustic, reggae, and ska, they are reminiscent of a summertime bonfire beach party. Good vibes and mellow moods in full effect.

Dirty Heads

Jared "Dirty J" Watson

Dustin "Duddy  B" Bushnell

David Foral

Matt Ochoa

Jon Olazabal

Shawn Hagood

It's highly recommended to check these groups out if they come through your neighborhood. Their energies grab the crowd and move them through the entire show!

More images can be seen here Dirty Heads / Pepper

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