Thursday, September 4, 2014

Yonder Mountain brings a little piece of ColoRADo to Charlotte

Article and photography by Jimi Nedoff of Nedoff Fotography

Last Thursday, August 28th 2014, Yonder Mountain String Band unleashed their stringed musical journey to a moderately sized crowd at the Fillmore in Charlotte, NC.

Yonder Mountain String Band
This was a special night as the show was streamed live by Live Nation via Yahoo Live and as Ben Kaufmann stated they were "excited to jump into everyones living room for a night." 

The band sounded tight as ever, joined by Jake Jolliff on mandolin and Allie Kral on fiddle. The two have made a nice addition to Yonder's sound over the last month and hopefully will continue to provide that extra tingle to the groups rhythmic vibrations.

The draw to Yonder Mountains live shows is their superior ability to seamlessly mix up a variety of songs from performance to performance. With the enormous repertoire of jams they have to choose from, they still manage to play things for the first time live on a regular basis. The Queen City was fortunate enough to hear their ode to the great Del McCoury with Allie leading the vocals on "All Aboard".

Thanks for passing through and we'll see you next time!

Adam Aijala

Dave Johnston

Ben Kaufmann

Jake Jolliff

Allie Kral


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