Friday, October 3, 2014

Pearl Jam Opens Tour at U.S. Bank Arena with a Marathon Performance

Pearl Jam opened their Lightning Bolt tour in Cincinnati at U.S. Bank Arena on October 1, 2014. They played a three and a half hour show with two separate sets as encores. Highlights included several references to Pete Rose and how he should be in the hall of fame, talking about their last few days in Cincinnati with references to the old days of playing small venues in this city, and 34 songs of constant stadium pounding music. They delivered mellow songs to fast songs covering freedom, politics, charity, surfing, nature, and standing up for what you believe in at all times. Pearl Jam violated their curfew by half an hour and took a fine of over $10,000 to deliver a solid night of music to loyal fans. Pearl Jam gave the entire floor and first level seats to their 10 Club fan base for a minimal price. This band gets their back into their living! Pearl Jam has done over 100 charitable shows giving back to the community and practicing what they preach. This band has proven time and time again that they won't sell out. Go check out Pearl Jam 20 by Cameron Crowe.

The crew talked to people from all over the world throughout the night and was sitting next to Bronson Arroyo and Bob Pollard of Guided By Voices once my work was done. Pearl Jam is heading to several other venues throughout this tour. They will headline Austin City Limits Festival the next two weekends. In the end of October they will play right after Tom Waits and before Neil Young at his Bridge School Benefit in San Francisco, California. I have shot over 350 bands this year and this show was definitely up there in rank. This band has truly become a Hall of Fame act. There were several covers including "The Real Me" by The Who, "Rockin in the Free World" by Neil Young, and "Waiting on a Friend" by The Rolling Stones. Matt Cameron (drums) still tours with Soundgarden. There is a reason why The Rolling Stones,  Tom Petty, Neil Young, and other legends have said this band is one of their favorite touring bands. Rolling Stone also named Pearl Jam a top 10 touring band this year.  (Several photos were withheld for Pearl Jam's website and fan club which will post this week)

Images and Words by Doug Siegel
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