Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Rounder Records Americana artist Doug Seegers with Elizabeth Cook at Nashville's City Winery

Feb. 10, 2015
Nashville, TN.

Review and Photos by Butch Worrell of One Heart Photo

Doug Seegers is the real deal in an industry seemingly taken over by cookie cutter music. Where are the Johnny Cash's and the Waylon Jenning's in today's music?

The answer is Doug Seegers. If you have not heard his story just google his name and you can read all about it. A talented writer of fiction could not have written a better story. A homeless man, down and out, living in the rescue mission and playing on the street corners of Nashville for change thrown into his guitar case goes to overnight success; recording in the Johnny Cash log cabin studio and the legendary Sound Emporium, jamming with the elite of Music City, headlining on music cruises fighting off beautiful women. At the base of this metamorphosis from down and out to overnight success is Doug's very real talent. Song writer and singer, he grabs your soul from the first song and leads you on a musical journey filled with his very real life experiences that he writes and sings about.

And just when you think it does not get any better than this, out comes the beautiful Elizabeth Cook, adding her angelic yet sultry voice to the mix. It was Rounder Record night in Nashville and the stars of Americana were shining bright.


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