Wednesday, March 4, 2015

“Tommy Noble” and the Eastside Bulldogs

March. 3, 2015
Nashville, TN.

Review and Photos by Butch Worrell of One Heart Photo.

Darkness had come and the rain was pouring down on East Nashville's 5 Spot. So dreary that dedicated music lovers that normally would be out were choosing to stay home. Inside “Tommy Noble” sat onstage sound checking for his “happy hour” show while the scattered few patrons sat sipping their 2 for 1 cocktails.

Accompanied at first by just a drummer, “Tommy” elicited the help of a fellow guitar slinger to turn the Eastside Bulldog 2 into a trio. The word on the street must have been good for “Tommy” because it was not long before every seat in the 5 Spot was taken. Perhaps it was the post on Todd Snider's Face Book page promoting the show, if Todd endorsed “Tommy” then he must be good. As he began the first set it was quickly apparent that “Tommy” was heavily influenced by the likes of Willie Nelson and Kris Kristoferson. There was a particularly poignant cover of Me and Bobby McGhee. Set one was over and it was just a few minutes, enough time to smoke a cigarette out back under cover, before set 2 commenced. “Tommy” was in great form, singing and playing with a big smile, as every song elicited applause from the crowd. Then it was over, “Tommy” made a few thank you's and goodbye's and slipped out front to a waiting SUV. The question is, just how did “Tommy” get hold of Todd Snider's signature hat for the show. Strange things sometimes occur in East Nashville.

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