Sunday, May 3, 2015

"Angels Flying"...Emi Sunshine and Holly Williams at Nashville City Winery

Nashville TN

Story by Butch Worrell of One Heart Photo
Photos by Butch Worrell of One Heart Photo

While interviewing Raelyn Nelson at Farm Aid 2014 she turned it around and asked me some questions. In particular what was my fav Willie song.  "Angels Flying to Close to the Ground" is the answer and......
Well that is what the audience experienced at the City Winery recently.  Two angels sang.
Holly Williams and Emi Sunshine.

Emi Sunshine may be a ten year old girl, but when she steps up to the microphone and sings, she is transformed into a timeless angel, with a voice that is like no other. you may experience moments where you think....Jimmy Rodgers, June Carter Cash, Janis Joplin even.......but in the end, while influenced by the best, Emi is already unique, her own person, ready to conquer the world of music.
(continued below)

The other angel, Holly Williams, while so much a product of country music "family tradition"
is also her own person, with a style that fits the description of "Americana" music, fusing the roots of country, rock, blues....into Holly Williams.
She recently spent almost a year on her latest release, "The Highway", an effort where she bared her soul, her best work yet.
She was at her finest this night...beautiful was her singing, timeless, musical heaven.
Then the encore, Holly brings Emi out for a duet on "I saw the Light",  a great moment where a pair of angels surrounded us with their magic,

"I saw the Light"

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