Sunday, May 31, 2015

Golden Gate Wingmen at Crystal Bay Nevada

Crystal Bay, Nevada
May, 31, 2015
Story by Butch Worrell
Photos by Butch Worrell

More than a concert, it was a party! A birthday party for Lisa Tarigo and Owen Rosenberg.
The Golden Gate Wingmen.....John Kadlecik, Jeff Chimenti, Reed Mathis, and Jay Lane played their hearts out and had the crowd dancing and spinning all night long. 

Not just a "Dead" cover band, The Golden Gate Wingmen are all world class musicians who have more than paid their dues. And they are on fire, every night they play they seem to gain more and more musical momentum. By the time they reached the Brokedown Palace encore they had moved their fans to the point of tears of joy.
Truely..."sweet songs to rock my soul"

Thanks Kris P for the setlist

Set 1
They love Each Other
Whats Become of Mary
Loser (RM)
Dweller on the Threshold
Dignity (RM)
Hey Pocky Way

Set 2
Deal (RM)
Sister Smiles
Bird Song (RM)
I Feel Like Dynamite
Cassidy (RM)>
Reuben and Cerise>
Cassidy (RM)
Standing on the Moon

Happy Birthday Lisa Tarigo and Owen Rosenberg
E. Brokedown Palace

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