Thursday, October 1, 2015

Emi brings the Sunshine to the Pilgrimage

Oct. 1, 2015
Nashville, TN

Story By Butch Worrell of One Heart Photo
Photos By Butch Worrell of One Heart Photo

It had rained on Saturday, the opening day of the Pilgrimage festival. Sunday threatened rain as well and it actually started early afternoon. But as the time drew near for Emi to start the rain stopped, the clouds parted, and the Sunshine appeared.

That is just how it is with Emi Sunshine. She saunters up to the microphone. Puts her hand on her hip, cocks her head a little, and gives that 1,000 watt smile. Instant sunshine..... seriously why did you think she has that stage name? Her set was short but so very sweet, singing her heart out as the Rain (her band, not the weather) jammed on, providing a “just exactly perfect” back up. As always her cover of Jimmie Rogers “Blue Yodel” showed her incredible vocal range, you can always see the “WOW” faces on her audience when she sings it....kinda like on Mama Cass's face at Monterey Pop when Janis Joplin blew her audience away. Like Janis, Emi is the “real deal” so catch her now before she becomes as big as Taylor Swift and you have to pay out hundreds to see her perform in huge arenas. It will happen.


Grama Di said...

Great article on the amazing talent of Emi Sunshine. Great pictures!! One thing....Emi Sunshine's "stage name" is her real name...Emilie Sunshine Hamilton. Even more amazing when you ponder that!

Unknown said...

Great job Butch.

henryii said...

I wanna shhhh so we can keep seeing her from the front row .
But honestly she deserves what you wrote international Stardom .

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