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Jackson Browne with Full Band - Summer 2016 - ‘Standing in the Breach’

Maine State Pier - Portland, ME - - Thursday, June 9 2016

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Jackson Browne - performing on The Maine State Pier (2016)

     1970’s Singer-songwriter-musician Jackson Browne returns to Portland, Maine in support of his fourteenth studio album, “Standing in the Breach”.

Mauricio "Fritz" Lewak, Jackson Browne, Greg Leisz, Alethea Mills, Val McCallum (not shown Jeff Young and Bob Glaub)

     Accompanying Jackson on the road this summer are longtime band mates, the supremely talented Val McCallum (guitar), Mauricio "Fritz" Lewak (Drums), Jeff Young (keyboards), Bob Glaub (bass), Alethea Mills (Vocals) and the acclaimed multi-instrumentalist Greg Leisz (guitar, lap steel, pedal steel).  

     In regards to the current lineup, Jackson has said that "This is my ideal band, with some of my favorite players, whose combined gifts provide the musical foundation and emotional underpinnings of my new songs... The interplay between Val McCallum and Greg Leisz - the effortlessness of their chemistry is a gift really, that just dropped into my lap. I feel fortunate to have them out on the road for this tour.”

This is certainly not overstated as the chemistry between all the musicians was felt throughout the night.

Portland, ME was the fifth stop of the Summer tour with the full band.

     Jackson Browne - now approaching 50 years in the music business has aged very well. Looking remarkably young for his age he was in fine form, his melodic voice ringing true to his songs.

Mauricio "Fritz" Lewak, Jackson Browne, Greg Leisz

Jackson Browne's new album (2014) "Standing in the Breach", is available on CD and vinyl.

      The evening’s performance was a mix of most of Jackson's latest tracks from his newest album "Standing in the Breach", released in late 2014. Like his other albums the master lyricist at times performed both deeply personal and sometimes political songs. In addition, early 70’s songs Doctor My Eyes, The Pretender, Running on Empty, and the song Jackson co-wrote with the late, great Eagles’ Glenn Frey – “Take It Easy”, were also crowd pleasers.

Complete Setlist: 
  •  The Barricades of Heaven (from Looking East, 1996)
  •  Just Say Yeah (from Time The Conqueror, 2008)
  •  Fountain of Sorrow (from Late For The Sky, 1974)
  •  The Long Way Around (from Standing In The Breach, 2014)
  •  Shaky Town (from Running On Empty, 1977)
  •  I'm Alive (title track from the album I’m Alive, 1993)
  •  For Everyman (title track from the album For Everyman, 1973)
  •  Walls and Doors (from Standing In The Breach, 2014)
  •  For a Dancer (from Late for the Sky, 1974)
  •  Redneck Friend (from the album For Everyman, 1973)
  •  The Birds of St. Marks (from Standing In The Breach, 2014)
  •  Which Side (from Standing In The Breach, 2014)
  •  I'll Do Anything (from I’m Alive, 1993)
  •  Yeah Yeah (from Standing In The Breach, 2014)
  •  Sky Blue and Black (from I’m Alive, 1993)
  •  Somebody’s Baby (from Fast Times At Ridgemont High soundtrack, 1982)
  •  Boulevard (from Hold Out, 1980)
  •  Doctor My Eyes (from Saturate Before Using, 1972)
  •  The Pretender (from The Pretender, 1976)
  •  Running On Empty (from Running On Empty, 1977)


  • Take It Easy (from For Everyman, 1973)
  • Our Lady of the Well (from For Everyman, 1973)

Maine State Pier is relatively small with a capacity of 3,000.

Portland, ME based Reverb Eco-Village water refilling station
Jackson Browne merchandise booth at The Maine State Pier

Val McCallum, son of actor David McCallum and actress Jill Ireland, was raised in Los Angeles.

Jackson Browne buttoning up for unseasonably cool weather

Jackson has played Portland many times over the years and recollected several instances in particular.

The summer has officially started, so get outside and enjoy some live music!  
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Jackson Browne and Greg Leisz (pronounced "Lease"). Greg also grew up in the Southern California garage band scene of the 1960's.'

Maine State Pier - Portland Waterfront
Portland Maine is set to have more outdoor concerts in 2016 than any other previous year... 35 dates - including several beautiful outdoor locations near the water. As part of that, Waterfront Concerts returns for a third season in 2016, with 25 + shows scheduled at The Maine State Pier, corner of Franklin and Commercial Street in the old port.
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Bob۞Who said...

Wow! Jackson Browne is still going strong! Great performance coverage, photos, and review with a great retrospective. So many survivors of this great musical era - its just great to see the music never stops.

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