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Dark Star Orchestra - Summer Tour 2016 - Recreating "Day on the Green" - A Grateful Dead setlist from Oakland CA 1976

 Maine State Pier, PORTLAND, ME - - AUGUST 14, 2016

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Rob Eaton - rhythm guitar, vocals

     Back when the Grateful Dead were still kicking and touring, one popular book among the faithful "Dead Heads" was Deadbase - The Complete Guide to Grateful Dead Setlists. 

During the time Jerry Garcia was still alive, and starting sometime around ’87 when the first edition of DeadBase was published, fans could refer back to Deadbase to reminisce about songs performed, hardcore fans into trivia could use the dbase function to learn how often or not a song had been performed, tapers could better identify and label tapes by cross-referencing Deadbase, and you could settle debates as to who remembered what really happened that night you made a illegible setlist found crumpled up in the bottom of your rucksack..

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Around the same time Deadbase was hugely popular among my circle of friends and roughly 3 years after Jerry passed away there was a group that started up from Chicago, IL – who recreated entire Grateful Dead concerts , that band was Dark Star Orchestra(DSO). Since 1998, yep for 18 years and counting, over 2500 concerts performed, Dark Star Orchestra has embodied the Grateful Dead’s live experience for fans both old and too young to have ever seen their own Grateful Dead show.  From DSO’s website… “Recreating historic Grateful Dead set lists, and intermittently crafting their own, Dark Star Orchestra offers a continually evolving artistic outlet within the Grateful Dead's musical canon. Matching equipment, stage layout and even members (various eras could include female vocals or multiple drummers), Dark Star Orchestra's determined commitment to 'raising the Dead' has earned them high praise…”

Sam Cutler introduces Dark Star Orchestra in Portland, ME

 DSO did not disappoint any of the faithful this warm summer night. Walk up ticket sales were very strong and soon the entire pier was mostly packed with generations of Dead Heads spanning ages from 16-17 up to folks in their 70's and 80s. This was an exceptional show to hear, as it turned out DSO recreated the famous "Day on The Green" put on by the late rock promoter Bill Graham in October 1976 that featured both the GD and The Who at The Oakland Coliseum in Oakland, CA.

Highlights were lots of Jerry songs including  a Half-Step Mississippi Uptown Toodeloo, Scarlet Begonias in the middle of the first set followed by a Lazy Lightnin' ; Supplication ;  and Sugaree to close the first set. I was not sure of what show I was hearing but when DSO opened up the second set with St. Stephen into Not Fade Away back into St. Stephen we soon realized we must have been inside a time warp going back to 1976. How nice was that second set with a very unique Help-->Slip with a bunch of stuff in between then segueing back into Samson & Delilah back into Slipknot and THEN Franklin's Tower. Greek to anyone not knowing the Dead, but for the DeadHeads at the close to sold out show down on the waterfront that night - we have gone to heaven.

Oakland Stadium, Oakland, CA

Set 1
Promised Land
Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo
Tennessee Jed
Looks Like Rain
They Love Each Other
New Minglewood Blues
Scarlet Begonias
Lazy Lightnin'>

Set 2
St. Stephen>
Not Fade Away>
St. Stephen>
Help On The Way>
Samson and Delilah>
Franklin's Tower>
One More Saturday Night
U.S. Blues

Jeff Mattson - lead guitar, vocals

Rob Eaton - rhythm guitar, vocals

Rob Barraco - keyboards, vocals

Dark Star Orchestra's Bass player, Skip Vangelas

Lisa Mackey - vocals

Rob Eaton - rhythm guitar, vocals

Fans too young to have seen the Grateful Dead carrying on the tradition

Fans old enough to have seen GD shows back in '76.

Dark Star Orchestra Skull logo and Stars and Dust logo T shirts.

Sam Cutler - Manager to The Rolling Stones and later on The Grateful Dead.

Sam Cutler on the road promoting his excellent new book "Penography".

Skip Vangelas

Rob Eaton - rhythm guitar, vocals

Rob Eaton - rhythm guitar, vocals

Jeff Mattson - lead guitar, vocals

Jeff Mattson - lead guitar, vocals

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