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Gov't Mule - Smokin' Mule 2016 Summer Tour

 Maine State Pier, PORTLAND, ME - - August 11, 2016

Photographic images created by Conall O'Brien. 
Review written by Michael Hanson and Conall O'Brien.

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Warren Haynes | Gov't Mule performing August 11, 2016 at The Maine State Pier

Southern-Rock jam band Gov’t Mule (pronounced Government Mule), returns to Portland, Maine to kickoff the Smokin' Mule 2016 Summer Tour.

Warren Haynes has been a busy man lately, with no signs of slowing down this summer… To quote the official website , "Gov’t Mule released a new archival album entitled The Tel-Star Sessions on August 5, 2016 via Evil Teen Records. The LP consists of the band’s very first, and never-before-released, demos made in June 1994 at Tel-Star Studios in Bradenton, Florida. These newly mixed and mastered recordings feature the original line-up – Warren Haynes, Allen Woody and Matt Abts – and capture the rawness and excitement of the earliest days of Gov’t Mule."

In addition Warren just wrapped up a Jerry Garcia Symphonic Celebration tour, and has now reunited with Gov't Mule bandmates - Matt Abts, Jorgen Carlsson, and Danny Louis for the Smokin' Mule 2016 Summer Tour.

Audience taping is permitted at Gov’t Mule shows.

New this tour, Gov’t Mule is offering a designated Taper Section.

Portland Maine was the kickoff of the Smokin' Mule 2016 Summer Tour 

Following a set by Atlanta, Georgia based southern rockers Blackberry Smoke,  Gov't Mule hit the stage for one extended set that featured some covers interspersed between original songs and then followed up with a collaboration with Blackberry Smoke during the encore. 

Complete setlist as performed - (Editor: Highlight for me was the John Coltrane inspired "Trane" and the addition of Eternity's Breath (Mahavishnu Orchestra cover)

1. Mule (from Gov't Mule released 1995)

2. Thorazine Shuffle (from Dose released 1998)

3. Banks Of The Deep End
    (from The Deep End, Volume 1 released 2001.)

4. Time To Confess >  
    (from The Deep End, Volume 2 released 2002.)

5. Doin' It To Death ( The J.B.'s cover)

6. Creep (Radiohead cover)

7. Funny Little Tragedy
   (from Shout released 2013) (with 'Message in a Bottle' (The Police) lyrics)

8. I Believe To My Soul  (Ray Charles cover)
    (from Mad Mules & Englishmen released 2012).

9. Trane > with 3rd Stone From The Sun & Norwegian Wood teases
     (from Gov't Mule released 1995)

10. Eternity's Breath > 
      (Mahavishnu Orchestra cover)

11. St. Stephen Jam >
     (Grateful Dead cover)

12. Beautifully Broken >
      (from The Deep End, Volume 1 released 2001.)

13. Breakdown >
     (Tom Petty cover)

14. Beautifully Broken reprise

15. And Your Bird Can Sing (Beatles cover  - First time played).

16. Blind Man In The Dark > 
      (from Dose released 1998)

17. Riders On The Storm >
      (The Doors cover)

18. Blind Man In The Dark with And Your Bird Can Sing tease


     Can't You See - with Charlie Starr (The Marshall Tucker Band)

Matt Abts | Gov't Mule

Gov't Mule Bass player Jorgen Carlsson

Multi-instrumentalist Danny Louis

Warren Haynes has remained primarily a Gibson player

Warren's '58 Signature Les Paul

Michael Hanson who attended the show in Portland was gracious enough to contribute his personal insights to the evenings performance... 

"This started out as an emotional night for Warren. Let me offer a bit of perspective. This tour kind of mirrors one Gov’t Mule did in 2000. Routing and dates kind of similar. It was to be Allen Woody’s last tour with Mule. I saw them at the Tradewinds in Sea Bright, NJ on August 16, 2000 and ten days later Allen Woody passed away. One of the songs that has always stuck with me from that show on the Jersey shore was their cover of Radiohead’s Creep. (Speaking about the Portland show), I am pretty sure during Warren’s song for Woody, The Banks of the Deep End, I saw Matt Abts wipe away a tear while playing…and fight back more…pretty sure Warren struggled himself with the lyrics towards the end of the song. But that was nothing compared to when he out-right lost it at the end of the song Creep last night. You could tell it was a last minute change and was not on the setlist."
(Editor: Creep was on the original setlist although there was a last minute change in the order of the songs…). 
Michael continues: "Matt got it, Danny was like…Creep? And a head nod. Jorgen got down to take a closer look at his copy of the setlist gave a huh?...and off they went. Right at the end while Warren was visibly upset…I couldn't help but yell out Woody’s name twice. I knew what Warren was going through and I wanted him to know…someone else knew. Jorgen at that point had stopped playing and seemed visibly shaken by Warren's out pouring of emotion. He looked my way when I called out Woody’s name. Respect of the highest regard. I don’t know as though I have ever seen a performance so full of emotion from anyone and I have seen a lot. The timing of this tour, the Tel-Star album, the focus on older tunes…was all clearly bringing up a lot of emotions for Warren…and Matt…in regards to Woody. I was so very thankful I was there last night (in Portland) to see the kickoff of what should be a truly magical tour."

Jorgen Carlsson

Jorgen Carlsson

Warren segueing into The Doors cover song - "Riders on The Storm"

Gov't Mule returned for an encore with Charlie Starr of Blackberry Smoke

Gov't Mule with Charlie Star performing "Can't you See"

Warren enticing the audience to sing along during the "Can't you See" encore.

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