Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The Lumineers World Tour at US Bank Arena with Andrew Bird and Margaret Glaspy

The Lumineers are on their "Cleopatra World Tour" that made a stop at US Bank Arena last night. The openers were Margaret Glaspy followed by Andrew Bird. Last night was sold out. All three bands put on quite a performance. I haven't seen Andrew Bird or The Lumineers in several years and I was completely blown away. The band had great energy from start to encore. The Lumineers went into the middle of the arena and played on a riser above the crowd which seemed more intimate than just playing on the front stage. I didn't know the Lumineers had such a following, until last evening as the crowd was into every song that was performed. The band leaves here to play a few shows at Madison Square Gardens. Check out the Lumineers and Andrew Bird Tour at www(dot)thelumineers(dot)com.

Images by Doug Siegel


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