Wednesday, May 31, 2017

“Dedicated to Gregg Allman” Jack Pearson May 30th Show

May 31, 2017
Nashville, TN

Story By Butch Worrell of One Heart Photo
Photos By Butch Worrell of One Heart Photo

As is befitting to someone who's contribution to the world of music is so great, there will surely be many “tribute Shows” to Gregg Allman in the near future. Jack Pearson turned his regularly scheduled monthly show at 3rd and Lindsley into one when he stepped up to the microphone and dedicated his show to Gregg. The first song, very appropriately, was Jack's “My Old Friend”.

Jack's years with the Allman Brothers definitely impressed Gregg. For years Jack has been Gregg Allman's “go to guy” for lead guitar work. Gregg said of Jack: “There is no question that Jack is one of the most accomplished cats I've ever played with”. The emotion that Jack carried into this show made it one of his best. A peak emotional moment was when Jack covered “Please Call Home”. There was more than one tear that fell in the house during that. The connection Jack has with Joshua Hunt on drums and Charles Treadway on the Hammond organ was more evident than usual. They had obviously picked up the vibe from Jack that made this show so heartfelt and special. Thank you Jack, Joshua, and Charles for this evening of music in remembrance of Gregg..

Video of "My Old Friend"

Video of Please Call Home

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