Saturday, February 17, 2018

AJR: The Click Tour Rolls Into Central Florida

February 13, 2018

House of Blues, Orlando
Lake Buena Vista, Florida

by Michelle Wilson of Rock Legends Photographers

Indie pop darlings AJR blew the roof off House of Blues, Orlando during their sold-out performance the day before Valentine's Day. Brothers Adam, Jack and Ryan Met played for 2,100 screaming tweeners, my own daughter included, and the New York-based siblings enthralled the crowd for their entire 80-minute set. Supported by stellar 25-minute offerings from openers Hundred Handed and Grizfolk, it was an evening of sheer joy for the eclectic mix of fans. 

With heavy audience interaction, AJR bobbed and weaved through their catchy catalog while frontman Jack Met danced his unique dance to the delight of the crowd. "It's really good to see all of your faces. This is really surreal for us. This is the biggest venue we have ever headlined so far," shared Met.

Highlights included "Come Hang Out," "Sober Up," "I'm Not Famous/No Grass Today," "Call My Dad" and a personal favorite, "Turning Out." The trio, backed by a touring drummer and trumpet player, also shared a not-yet-released track called "Burn The House Down." Rounding it out with "Weak" into their signature "Marching Band" closer, the euphoric legions of fans definitely got their money's worth and filed out on a very high note indeed.

House of Blues deserves a huge shout-out as the extremely attentive staff served water non-stop to as many people as possible in the packed house.  

Check out the link to Rock Legends Photographers for the full set of AJR photos as well as links to our shots of Hundred Handed and Grizfolk.

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