Thursday, March 1, 2018

Dead & Company Playin' In The Sand Feb 15 - 18 2018 in Riviera Maya, Mexico - photos and review

Playing in the Sand 2018 featuring three Dead and Company shows was the trip of a lifetime for Deadheads all over the world; a destination event in the beautiful Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. The nightly concerts took place on February 15th, 17th and 18th at the Barceló Maya Beach resort, on the Caribbean Sea where the band played and the crowd danced in the white sands and turquoise waters.  A bonus concert on Friday February 16th included the serene and lively Michael Franti who danced through the crowd singing, hugging and talking with fans.

Dead and Company consists of the original surviving members of Grateful Dead: Bob Weir (guitar), Bill Kreutzmann (drums) and Mickey Hart (drums) along with John Mayer (guitar), Oteil Burbridge (bass/drums), and Jeff Chimenti (keyboards). Bobby and the boys put on excellent shows all three nights, making it difficult to say which night was the best. They played songs to fill the ocean air.
The beach was an eclectic rainbow display of tie dye clothing each night worn by the all ages concertgoers from babies to seniors and everyone in between. Merchandise sellers, rogue tapers, churros, tacos, continuous beer and persistent good vibes added to the peaceful and yet energetic ambience particular to Grateful Dead shows.
A touching tribute was played on the first night to John Perry Barlow with Bob Weir on acoustic guitar singing the love song “Looks Like Rain”. Bob sang the song to his long-time songwriting partner (for over 40 years), while images of the recently departed Barlow played on the backdrop behind the band and the crowd swayed in the sand. It was a legendary experience to all who were able to secure tickets to the sold out all-inclusive packages.
The band played effortlessly, Bob hitting all the high notes, Oteil’s contagious smiles making everyone smile, John Mayer’s vocals and outstanding guitar riffs causing Deadheads to swoon every night and come to the realization that John is Dead. They played many favourites, but it is a challenge to say which Grateful Dead songs are not favourites.
The last song before the encore on Sunday night was the Buddy Holly and The Crickets’ cover, “Not Fade Away.” This song was especially memorable for the crowd’s easy-going chorus and gentle clapping in the tropical ocean breeze.
The first night started with “Playing in the Band and the last night ended with “Playing in the Band” reprise. The Music Never Stopped and “Weir” ready for Playing in the Sand 2019.

Review by Ann Horvat Lazarevic

Photos by Dave Stotts Photography


Unknown said...

OMG!! What incredible photos! You have really captured the essence of the scene and have provided us with a detailed account of our memories to cherish forever!!!

Margo in Mexico said...

THESE are AMAZING!!!! Thank you so much Dave Stotts for bringing these photos to life for us. It was a transformative experience and I am Grateful to be able to relive it through your eyes. Well done. Thank you for your Deadication! Blessings! PS, I used one of these for my profile foto and got almost 200 likes!

Sean Bazin said...

Thank you Dave for these wonderful shots and record of a fantastic weekend with so many incredible people, yourself included. See'ya in the Sand 2019 :)

Ann Horvat said...

Thank you Dave! For your overall awesomeness! Did I mention that you are my favourite photographer??? <3

LA Lady said...

There is nothing like dancing in the surf listening to your favorite music!
Thank you Dave Stotts for capturing the vibe of the weekend and thank you Ann for giving us the feeling!

Ann Horvat said...

Thank you for your kind words! And yes, Dave Stotts' photos are INCREDIBLE!

lj said...

#phillesh is an original member and not with Dead and Co!

Stew said...

It was a lovely time -- fantastic experience. Thank you for sharing this.

Unknown said...

It was amazing dancing and listening to your favorite music!!
Thank You!!

Danny said...

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