Wednesday, April 18, 2018

BUSH Tour stops at the Monarch Music Hall in Peoria, Illinois

Monarch Music Hall - Peoria, Illinois April 17th, 2018
Review and Photos by Jeremy Rickman of JKR Photography


Monarch Music Hall started off Peoria, Illinois spring concert season by bringing the BUSH Tour into Central, Illinois. Just back from their European Tour Dates they joined up with Australian Band Atlas Genius, and Big Jesus out of Atlanta, GA. 

Big Jesus

Big Jesus opened the show with band members, C.J. Ridings, Thomas Gonzalez, Spencer Ussery, and Blake Gamel taking the stage with "Floating Past You" and "Always" their sound reminiscent of experimental and grunge bands of the 90's. Hearing their popular songs, "SP" and "Shards" was definitely accepted by the crowd that was forming. Wrapping up with their song "Oneirica" they were a modern band that has the elements of different influences that combine quite well into a sound that had the crowd ready to go...

Atlas Genius

Next up was Atlas Genius out of Australia. Opening up with "Stockholm" The audience was immediately captivated with the sound they were hearing. Brothers Keith and Michael Jeffery sound shows their influences The Police, Beatles, and Beck rather clearly. Their interaction with the crowd definitely made them a favorite and sparked u a lot of new fans in the area hoping to see them return in the near future.  Playing a heavier version of Dead of Alive's "You Spin Me Round" seems to be the biggest audience favorite however their own hits of "Animals" and "Trojans" were just as well received.


Taking the United States by storm in the 1994 this English band helped set the tone for the 90's rock sound. With songs appearing on many mediums including movies, TV shows, and even video games there is no indication of the band slowing down. Vocalist Gavin Rossdale still has a voice that cuts right through the crowd opening up with "Everything Zen", Lead Guitarist Chris Treynor, bassist Corey Britz, and drummer Robin Goodridge took the stage to an almost sold out crowd which is impressive for a Tuesday night. Hits "The Sound of Winter", "Swallowed" and "Machinehead" it was like a flashback to being in the crowds in the mid-nineties and seeing them for the first time. Surprising the crowd Gavin covered REM's hit "The One I Love" and everyone joined in. Wrapping up the show with "Glycerine"  and "Comedown" the crowd was still cheering and wanting more. Their new album Black and White Rainbows is well worth a listen and we hope to see more of them on this tour.

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