Friday, September 14, 2018

A Slice of Americanafest Rooftop Style

Sept. 15, 2018
Nashville, TN

Story By Butch Worrell of One Heart Photo
Photos By Butch Worrell of One Heart Photo

Americanafest comes once a year where Artists, industry movers and shakers, dedicated fans, and media come together in Music City USA to celebrate and showcase American music. This year other commitments curtailed your correspondents ability to take advantage of the cornucopia of music offered. But the chance to see out of town friends at the Concord Music group party on the patio of the Capstar building could not be ignored. And after that a rooftop showcase at the new Bobby hotel beckoned.

Concord Music, Rounder Records, Stax, and Fantasy represent the best of American Music as their list of artists at Americanafest shows and their Americanafest party is one of the best.

Entrance to the Bobby Hotel via Printers Alley is def “Nashville Cool”, as is this newest of Boutique Hotels. When original artwork from Bernie Taupin graces your lobby it kind of sets you apart from the getgo. And the a beautiful rooftop setting complete with pool, full bar, and an actual bus for a lounge makes for a great venue.

The first band was a young group named “The Nude Party”, a legacy of their early years when fans were so moved by the freedom their music offered they were known to dance au natural. Firmly grounded in the rock tradtions of Velvet Underground and the Kinks they are touring the USA having just released their first recording on New West Records.

Then came Paul Cauthen, an artist on Lightning Rod record who just released “Have Mercy”, following up on the critical aclaim of his 2016 release“ My Gospel”. A special treat was his band which included the guitar virtuoso Daniel Donato.

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