Friday, March 15, 2019

Candlebox Rocks Central Florida 25 Years After Their Debut Release

March 13, 2019

The Plaza Live
Orlando, Florida

by Michelle Wilson of Rock Legends Photographers

90s post-grunge rockers Candlebox brought their explosive show to a packed house at The Plaza Live in Orlando this past week, and they have never sounded better. "Florida has always been a good state for Candlebox," said frontman Kevin Martin. He is the only original member but has been supported by the same tight band for a few years now. The band's monster, self-titled first record was released in 1993, and they have been touring to honor their masterpiece that has stood the test of time. Even Martin is amazed. "I can't believe this record survived 25 years. I'm about to turn 50. It's freakin' me out!" Backed by guitarists Brian Quinn and Island Styles, bassist Adam Kury and drummer Dave Krusen, the Seattle darlings played a 90-minute blazer to a venue of adoring fans.

Taking the stage at 9:15pm, Martin and company  banged out ten of the eleven tracks off the first record (the ultra-bluesy "Rain" was cut from the set list) as well as a single song from each album in the remainder of their catalog. "Breathe Me In" was a real highlight with killer jams from Quinn and Styles. Martin half-jokingly reminded the crowd that they do have other music besides the first record. He even joked about another of their early albums. "[Simple Lessons] is the only song off Lucy (1995) that I like and I write the g-ddamn setlist." Offering the inspiration for writing several of the songs, Martin truly connected with the audience.

With his easy demeanor and high energy, Martin made a point of interacting with the crowd as much as possible, making his way along the stage, leaning way out and offering fist bumps, high fives, handshakes and smiles.  

Sitting in the balcony, I watched in awe as a million raised cell phones lit up to record "Cover Me" while everyone sang the words. Martin confessed that "He Calls Home" is one of his favorites before he began a gut-wrenching version of the song, which he wrote about a homeless veteran who lived behind his building in L.A. and just disappeared one day. 

Before launching into a roof-raising "You," Martin made sure to remind everyone that "it has that word I love." There was nothing cooler than watching him hold the mic out while everyone in the place screamed "F-CK YOU!!!" Martin is notorious for dropping multiple F-bombs on stage and the crowd just eats it up. 


Finishing off with "Far Behind" while everyone sang along, it was hard to believe the show already was over at 10:45pm. "Thank you for letting us do this for 25 years. These f-cking guys - I love playing with these guys!" Kevin Martin, you truly rock! I hope you do it for another 25 years!

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