Monday, April 29, 2019

Collective Soul Rocks West Florida Again!

by Michael Yanko
When you find yourself driving three and a half hours to go see a band that you just saw less than a year ago you must have thought they were something special. Collective Soul is one of those bands, and once again they did not disappoint. 
Collective Soul in Clearwater Florida

The beautifully restored vintage Capitol Theatre in downtown Clearwater was totally sold out. It seemed like every person there knew exactly what to expect and the anticipation was high even outside standing in line. 

Once the performance started I don't think the total time that people sat down was more than ten seconds very early in the night. Seeing the band as a stand alone act was a special treat after only having seen them wedged between two other bands last year.

The band still features 3 original members:  singer/guitarist/keyboard/songwriter E (Ed) Roland, his brother Dean on guitar and keys, and Will Turpin on bass and backup vocals. Filling out the 5 piece lineup is Jesse Triplett on guitar and Johnny Rabb on drums, both of whom we saw on the previous tour. It was very obvious that these five guys truly enjoy playing together and the cohesion between them all is remarkable.

The band performed a nineteen-song set including masterfully blending in 5 songs from their upcoming album (June 21 release) with other great songs from their 30-year song catalog. "Shine" and "Gel" were of course both highlights of the night, but there wasn't a single song that didn't thrill the crowd. The band is super tight and Roland's high energy, bouncy stage presence really grabbed the crowd right from the moment he appears. Flashing peace signs and fist pumps all through the show, Roland kept it fun and exciting until the very last note. Capping off the set with fan favorite "Run" while the crowd sang along, the band exited the stage with Roland still playing his acoustic guitar even backstage. The fans were left totally satisfied with a memorable night of great music.

Would I drive three and half hours to see them again? You bet I would!

Check out the full gallery here with photos from 
Michael Yanko & Michelle Wilson of Rock Legends Photographers


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