Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Spring Fling 2019 Festival Peoria Illinois Day 2 feat. Incubus, Badflower, The Glorious Sons, Spirit Animal, and Autumn Rove

Peoria Riverfront - Peoria, IL June 1st, 2019
Review and Photos by Jeremy Rickman of JKR Photography

After a long twenty years 105.7 The X and Inked Entertainment have brought Incubus back to Peoria, Illinois with the original line up. Closing out the 2 day Festival with them is Autumn Rove, Spirit Animal, The Glorious Sons, and Badflower. The weather remained perfect but the music stormed all day and night!

Autumn Rove

Autumn Rove took the stage to open up the final day of Spring Fling. Vocalist/Guitarist Bradley Prentice, Guitarist Courtney Richmond, Bassist Derick Kapteina, and Drummer Neil Dennis had some amazing energy to start things up right. Opening up with "Huckleberry" and "The Liar" the fans were cheering on this foursome, and wrapped up with "Race You To The Grave" It's always refreshing to see local acts on the Stage and this troop belongs there as they have the experience and spirit to prove it.

Spirit Animal

East Coast rockers Spirit Animal return to the Midwest bringing their funk and psychedelic sound the the pleasure of the crowd. Steve Coopers Vocals, Paul Michel on Bass, Cal Stamp Lead Guitar and Ronen Evron on drums. Opening up with "The Truth" and "Regular World" their stage presence is always a sight to see. The groove sounds and deep lyrics are heard with everything they do. Closing up with the newest hit "YEAH!"

The Glorious Sons

From the Great White North comes The Glorious Sons joining the line up. Brothers Brett Emmons and Jay Emmons along with Guitarist Chris Koster, Bassist Chris Huot and Drummer Adam Paquette brought their unique sound out in their set. With Hits "S.O.S", and "Mama" the fans were singing along with the crisp and clear sound of this powerhouse band. Their blue collar roots show through in the lyrics and sometimes somber tone. You can definitely tell they have fought and struggled to get to where they are now.


Los Angeles is where  Badflower calls home. Still riding the high of their OK, I'm Sick album release early this year the guys brought some Blues Rock to the riverfront for their awaiting fans. Singer/Guitarist Josh Katz and Guitarist Joey Morrow began Badflower picking up Bassist Alex Espiritu and drummer Anthony Sonetti not long after. Opening up with "x ANA x" and "Drop Dead" The songs and sound poured off the stage. At one point a fan held up a sign asking to play guitar for their hit "Animal". To the surprise of everyone this lucky fan Jake Denny was brought up on stage and pulled off what I have to say was a flawless performance with the guys.


Fans from all over the United States traveled to the City of Peoria just to get a chance to see Incubus returning to this area after 20 years of being one with the original cast of rockers. From Calabasas, California and formed in 1991 Vocalist Brandon Boyd, Lead Guitar Mike Einziger, Bassist Ben Kenney, Chris Kilmore Turntables and Keys, and drummer Jose Pasillas II were in top form for the show. Playing a powerful 16 song set including "Privilege", "Love Hurts" "Steller" and fan favorite "Wish You Were Here" Following a 2 song encore the crowd didn't want this years Spring Fling to end.

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