Thursday, October 3, 2019

Bob Weir and Wolf Bros at Humphrey’s in San Diego, CA on 9/18/19

The Music Never Stops

There's a band out on the highway 
They're high steppin' into town 
It's a rainbow full of sound 
It's fireworks, calliopes and clowns 
Everybody's dancin'…

Bob Weir and Wolf Bros played in San Diego at Humphreys Concerts by the Bay on September 18, 2019 in a beautiful marina setting; quite a tropical view with palm trees and the quickly changing orange, pink and red sunset colors before the show started. If you are going to this venue, try to have dinner at the restaurant before the show, especially if there is a concert dinner package. The executive chef Jason Gethin prepared an amazing dinner, which included sumptuous appetizer, main course and dessert choices. The decadent red velvet marquise cake was a foodie treat from heaven.

Bob Weir, an original member of the Grateful Dead along with dreadhead drummer Jay Lane and the ever smiley bassist Don Was did not disappoint, as they played mostly Grateful Dead tunes, with a couple Bob Dylan songs. The trio’s big sound makes you forget there are only 3 band members; how do they do it?
Bill W - local SD deadhead

San Diego folk were dressed in their best, posh tie dye outfits for the show, standing, dancing, drinking and posing in the aisles to escape the seating plan, which was not as detrimental to standing up and dancing as originally thought. The crowd was a talkative one and there were some fitting Shut Up and Dance stickers going around. The first set started with the appropriate “The Music Never Stopped” and continued with “Easy Answers”, “Standing on Shaky Ground” and then the soulful Dylan tune, “When I Paint My Masterpiece.” Weir then played one of his own songs, the danceable “Gonesville.” But still, no one yelled out, “I love you, BOBBY!” during this show. I may have done that once or twice before. “Deep Elem Blues”, “Tennessee Jed”, “Loose Lucy”, “Lost Sailor” followed by a “Saint of Circumstance” first set closer.

The second set started with The Beatles’ “Blackbird”, leading into “Cassidy” and “Truckin’.” “Fever”, “Scarlet Begonias”, “I Need a Miracle” were next. Bob Weir singing Bob Dylan is always a treat and he did not disappoint in the second set with another Dylan classic “A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall.” Weir enunciated the words so you could hear every syllable and almost every single letter. And then we were “Going Down The Road Feeling Bad.”

The high quality sound came from Weir’s Diamond Series ELA M 251E Telefunken microphone; retail price between $10-$12,000.00, American dollars, which converts to about 3 Million Canadian Loonies. Jason Scheuner of Telefunken said, “It’s the most sought after studio microphone in history. The absolute holy grail of microphones.” The stage was stripped bare of monitor speakers and cords, leaving only the musicians and their instruments. The drum kit which looked like a regular drum kit was actually an electronic set with electronic cymbals that sent signals to the soundboard and PA system. This microphone is very sensitive and was used so that the band could hear themselves play; the noise level on stage was reduced, creating a comfortable and personal environment and got rid of the deafening effect. We want Weir’s ears to stay healthy!

The show ended perfectly with the timeless “Ripple” encore, penned by Jerry and the beloved Robert Hunter, the men whose literary lyrics are essential in our every days.

RIP Robert Hunter 23 June 1941- 23 September 2019

Bob Weir and Wolf Bros… “They're a band beyond description.”

*Thank you to Jason Scheuner for the information on Bobby’s ELA M 251E Telefunken microphone.

Review by: Ann Horvat

Photos by: Dave Stotts Photography

Ann Horvat 


Unknown said...

Right on Ann Horvat and Dave Stotts. You guys are the dream team when it comes to reviews!! Love you both - Grateful Deb <3

Ann Horvat said...

Thank you Grateful Deb! Let’s keep dreamin’!

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Happy October

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